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To develop  the fluency and mental maths skills of our pupils, we have introduced KIRFS throughout school. KIRFS are a way of helping our children to learn, by heart, key facts and information which they need to have instant recall of. 


KIRFS are designed to support the development of the mental maths skills that underpin much of the maths work in our school. They are particularly useful when calculating, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. They contain number facts such as number bonds and times tables that need constant practice and rehearsal so that children can recall them quickly and accurately.  


Instant recall of facts helps enormously with mental agility in maths lessons. When children move onto written calculations, knowing these key facts is very beneficial. For our children to become more efficient in recalling them easily, they need to be practised frequently for short periods of time. 


Each half term, children will focus on a key instant recall fact which they will practice and learn at home and in school.