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Week 6 (Mon 11th- 15th May)

Friday 15th May

Morning Wollaton- Friday at last!

Today would have been the end of SATs week for us all. Based on what we have seen from you over the last 6 weeks, we would be grading you all greater depth in determination, creativity, resiliance and perseverance...which are obviously extremely important skills, not just at school but in life. We couldn't be prouder of you all!


We've set you a few task this week which may take longer than one lesson in school so please take your time and don't rush them. We'd much rather you take your time, do a great job and not worry about completing everything in one day.



Take part in the lesson on reflection. Remember to do the quiz at the beginning and the end. If you're having trouble viewing any of the content, try opening in Explorer rather than Chrome.


Log in to Education City and play ‘Wollaton reflect simple shapes’.






Today you have quite a lot of reading to do so we're only giving you 3 subjects today. That way, if you need to you can split you english into 2 parts. If you do this, read chapters 12 and 13 and answer the questions and then do chapter 14 and tasks later.



Your last task for today, and the week, is to learn a little more about online safety.  We are using technology so much at the moment we need to perhaps remind ourselves of how to keep safe whilst doing this. 

Use Mrs Baker's Ed City link the bottom of the maths and go to your 'my city' homework. The computing folder has todays task.

Thursday 14th May


Hi Wollaton, we hope you're all doing okay. Remember, email us if you need us or if you just want to check in - it's lovely to hear from you and hear what you've all been up to. Thanks James for sharing your amazing Zoom singing alongside 'The Attic' Theatre group- absolutely brilliant! A big 'happy birthday' to Archie G!! Hopefully you guys are keeping the juggling going, trying out the Education City games and enjoying the Charanga tasks. Don't forget to keep sending in any fab work you wish to share. James and Betty have both already sent in Stained glass windows which are fantastic!

We also changed the maths yesterday, I hope you got on ok with it - remember, complete the quiz at the beginning and the end if there is one before starting the main activity. How did you get on with Billy Bug?



Today, we're looking at translating shapes:

Now have a go at the Ed City games I've set- ‘Wollaton translate shapes’



We hope you're still sticking with our book and making sure you're reading the sections included everyday. That way you will be able to still know what's going on even if you do miss a task out.

Today our character, Liam, is really having to embrace the role of being a dad and all the competitiveness that comes with that!





If you have a presentation about an American Natural Wonder don't forget to send it in so we can have a look.


Today we're gong to start our next Geography topic - Trade and Economics - which sounds very grown up.

As an introduction lesson we're going to find out what those two things mean and what it means to trade from a whole county perspective. If the link on the Powerpoint/PDF doesn't work use the link below instead.




Yesterday I completely forgot to include a task for 'Wellbeing Wednesday.' So I'm including it today. 

The task is all about you and what makes you, you! The idea is to fill the head template with pieces of collage you find in all sorts of things from magazines, wallpaper, photos and even your own drawings. These should help represent you. If you can't print out or don't want to use the template provided, then draw your own and fill it with words, images, doodles etc. There also an example one to give you some ideas.

Wednesday 13th May


Morning Wollaton, 

We hope everyone is doing ok. It's been quite a busy week so far for both of us so please don't worry if you haven't been able to do a task because we haven't been able to get back to you with any issues.

As we keep saying, do what you can, when you can and if you can!


We've decided that we will leave our next Zoom meet up until Monday of next week. It's lovely to see you all, but we do appreciate that not everyone can or wants take part. If you do have any worries or are in need of a bit of a chat, let us know via email and we can sort something.



We're going to change the maths a little and use the Oak Academy lessons. These are lessons run by teachers. There is an introductory quiz at the beginning followed by the lesson then a quiz at the end. They’ll tell you if you need any equipment at the beginning of the main lesson and get you to pause the lesson at certain parts to complete an activity so have a pencil and paper ready. Today, let's look at co-ordinates today.


Ed City games to recap- ‘Wollaton Co-ordinates’ games or Billy Bug  2







Yesterday was all about comparing two of our characters. Writers often use very different characters in stories so they can get the reader to relate to one or the other. Today we're going to read a bit more of our story and things are starting to really develop in the story plot. Don't worry if the audio clip doesn't work, go to the end slide and read it there instead.



So your final task for today is the next part of our look at faith and how art is used to represent this. We're going to focus on a very specific type of art that has thousands of different images to choose from.  You're going to design and make a stained glass window. There are a couple of templates included below but as always, if you can't print these, just draw your own. There's also some images to give you an idea of bible stories and the Powerpoint shows some examples of actual stained glass windows. Once you've finished, if you can send a copy to me (Miss Clark) and I will copy them onto acetate when I'm in school next so they really do look like windows. Try and make the colours you use really bold as these stand out better once copied. This is something that will probably take some time to complete properly, so take you time and use the next few days to work on them.  

Morning Wollaton, it's Tuesday. Mr Graham sent out a song last week (via Parentmail) that he would like us to learn. It’s called ‘Looking to the Rainbow.’ If you scroll down the page of the link below, you can download a PDF version of the lyrics and the backing track to practice with. He would like us all to sing it at the same time on 20th May- details will follow. 







How quickly can you complete the following multiplication grid?




PE- Join in the online dance lesson and learn a great dance routine to ‘Dance Monkey’.



Yesterday, you appraised the music written by four different women. Today we’re looking at writing lyrics. Go into Charanga Yumu again and click on ‘Music and Me’ then on ‘writing raps alphabet tricks’ - listen to what the guy has to say. Then click on ‘writing rhymes- rhyme guide’. Have a go at writing your own lyrics- can you make it about you? Think back to the Michael Rosen rap you listened to last week.



Yesterday you were comparing a particular part of this story to another, very famous text.  Today as you read the next chapter you are being asked to compare two of the characters from Cosmic. Remember, if you can't print the sheets included just draw them directly into your jotters instead.

Morning Wollaton, 

We hope you had a great VE Anniversary Day and fabulous, sunny weekend. Can you believe that you should've been sitting your SATs tests this week?! Phew!


If you didn't have a look at the website on Friday, thank you again if you attended our Zoom meeting and for joining in the quiz. Thanks Theo for sharing your wonderful PP presentation and to those who demonstrated their juggling skills! It's great to see your pets joining in too!


Miss Clark and I are in school a lot this week and have taken over Mrs Hally's planning too while she has some well deserved time with baby Frankie so we will be super busy but will try our best to find a time to Zoom with you this week if we can. Apologies if we don't respond to your emails and questions as quickly as we usually do. Have a great week Wollaton and most importantly, keep smiling. xxx 







Log in to Charanga Yumu- your parents were sent an email with your log in details a few weeks ago.

Click on ‘Music and Me’ and listen to the 'introduction' and then listen to and appraise the 4 songs given.




Today let’s learn about shadows. Watch the clip on the PP below of a shadow puppet show and the videos of 'Attraction'- the brilliant Britain's Got Talent act whose whole performance is based around the use of shadows. Usually in class, we’d have worked as a team to create a shadow puppet performance. Maybe try and make your own shadow puppet out of card and see how it looks on the wall when you shine a torch at it.




We really hope you're enjoying this new book of ours. We know at least one Overton has already read it, so the prediction task on Thursday wouldn't have worked for him. As for everyone else, it's time to read another chapter to find out if your predictions were correct.