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Week 1 (three days)

Good morning guys! Well, here we are again - we are all so disappointed that school has had to close to most of you, but we understand the reasons behind it and are ready to go with remote learning. I will be in school everyday teaching some of our class as normal.


For those of you at home, each day's learning will be available on our class page. I am still your teacher and here to support you, so you will also be able to contact me via TEAMS (I will be logged on in the afternoons) as well as submit some of your learning for me to have a look at.


Please meet us today (6th January) at 10:00 a.m. via TEAMS for a video link up (this is the first time we have used TEAMS instead of ZOOM so fingers crossed everything goes to plan). Simply, click on the link on the front page of TEAMS to join the meeting.


We totally get that the White Rose videos aren't the most entertaining, but they do the job and give you the opportunity to pause the lesson at different points. 


Every day we will do a maths and English lesson, as well as one other curriculum lesson. Don't forget that you will also need to practise your spellings, times tables and carry out your daily reading - what an opportunity for you to read those books you got for Christmas! 

Whoops - so sorry it looks like I've got the dates a day out on the timetable - hope it still makes sense.
Please use MS Teams to upload any learning you complete at home.
Additional Maths