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Week 6 Monday 11th to Friday 15th May

Home Learning for Friday 15th May


Task 1

4 x table revision using Hit the Button. Once you’ve clicked the link, click ‘times tables’ then ‘x4’.


For the main part of the lesson today, we’re looking at describing unit and non-unit fractions. Take part in the lesson, remember to do the quiz at the beginning and end. Ask an adult to sit with you during the lesson to help if you can.


Mr Graham here, thanking you for your amazing learning. I saw some fantastic prayer shapes and lotus.  You are a clever, kind and creative bunch.

Make sure that you remember to practice our song for Wednesday, when we say thank you to teachers. The links can be found earlier in the week.

I am looking forward to catching up with you all at 1.15pm tomorrow, so that you can tell us what you have been doing. If you have anything to show us, have it ready.

See you soon.



For you final lesson of english this week we're going to read another chapter of Fantastic Mr Fox and then do some thinking about our main character. I really hope you've enjoyed your tasks this week...there's more to come next week! Have a great weekend!

Miss Clark

Home Learning for Thursday 14th May


Task 1

Hopefully Rufford, you're following the maths lessons in order since one lesson leads onto the next and you may struggle if you haven't done the previous one. If there's something on the video that you don't understand, rewind it and play it again or ask a parent to see if they can explain it. 

A quick practice of our 4x table with Cyril the Swan:


Maths main lesson- today, let’s how to find unit fractions of amounts

Task 2 - English


I really hope you all enjoyed starting your learning on the story Fantastic Mr Fox yesterday. Today's task is all about using your imagination to create a character that could be part of this story. You read a bit from the very beginning of the story yesterday and today you're going to read a little bit more before you start to think about the character you would invent. (Adults - I've included 2 different formats for both the teaching and the task in case you struggle to open any of them.)


Hello everyone. I hope that you are enjoying the Maths and English that Mrs Baker and Miss Clark have put on the class page this week. Thank you for sending me photos of your flowers.

I know that there is a lot of RE this week, but I am trying to cover some of the activities that we were going to do this term. So I have attached below the link to today's RE activity, and an additional French activity for the week. Enjoy everyone, and I look forward to chatting to you on Friday at 1.15pm.

French numbers

Home Learning for Wednesday 13th May

Task 1

Firstly, practice your 3x table again with the Maths Magician- remember to click on ‘x3’ when you click the link:


In maths today, we’re going to learn about 'unit fractions'. Follow the link and complete the lesson, if you have an adult who can help and sit next to you whilst you do this, that would be great.



I hope you got on ok with yesterday's picture and letter task. 


Over the next week or so for English, I thought we would look at one of my favourite stories - Fantastic Mr Fox.

I would not be surprised if lots of you have already read this story or even seen the movie.


We're going to be reading bits every day and then all the learning will be related to these parts of the story. If you find a task a bit tricky, do the best you can but don't worry if you can't do everything. The most important thing is to make sure you read the story everyday so you don't miss anything. The Powerpoint below explains today's learning.


Hello everyone. Thank you for doing the lists about all of the good and bad things in the world. Over the next few days we are looking at how we can pray for our world, and hope that some of the bad things disappear.

Here is the first idea:

Lily Pad Prayers

Draw 3 flowers with around 5 or 6 petals. The flowers need to decrease in size – there is a template you can use attached as a separate document.

Write prayers in the petals. Stick the 3 flowers on top of each other with the largest at the bottom.

Fold the petals up to make a boat shape.

Place in a shallow tray of water – no more than 2cm of water. Put your flower onto the water and watch as the flower opens.


Lilypad template

Home learning for Tuesday 12th May


Hello everyone. Mr Graham here.

Thank you for doing all of the incredible learning so far this week. I have seen that lots of you have been on Charanga and taking part in the singing lessons. Please carry on singing this week, and don't forget our special song for 'Thank you Teacher' day.


RE today

Yesterday you wrote a list of all the things that are wrong in the world. Today, have a think about all of the things that are right in the world. In other words, if Jesus appeared amongst us today, what would he be happy with. Write your list and colour it in.


Here are a few good things I can think of to get you started:

  • People are caring more for each other.
  • People are trying to look after the environment.


Thank you everyone and have a great day.

Morning Rufford, I hope all of you are well and enjoyed the learning yesterday. Well done to those children who were our TT Rockstars top 3 and to all others who've been playing this week. Hopefully you enjoyed learning the new song, 'Looking to the Rainbow'yesterday- remember to keep practising since it would be a lovely song to sing together when we eventually get back to school. 


Task 1

Firstly, practice singing your 3x table with Professor Pippette:


For our main part of maths today, we're looking at fractions and equal and unequal parts. Remember to follow the lessons in order so don't do today's lesson unless you did yesterday's otherwise you might not understand it. Follow the link below and join in with the lesson:



So today I thought I'd give you a picture to think about. I've given you a few questions to help you develop your ideas.





  • What is happening here?
  • How are the panda and the child managing to fly?
  • Why is the panda dropping envelopes? What is inside?
  • How does Panda Post work?
  • What do the letters say? Who are they from? Will there be any links between them?


When you've answered the questions I want you to imagine you have found one of the letters that fell from the sky. It has your name on the envelope so you open it. Write the letter that you find inside. 

Monday 11th May


Morning Rufford...we hope you all had a fab weekend and enjoyed celebrating the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Miss Clark, Mrs Baker and Mr Graham are setting your learning this week while Mrs Hally has some time with baby Frankie. We'll try and keep things similar to how Mrs Hally has been setting tasks but please be patient...after all we are used to setting work for year 6 not Year 3!


Mr Graham sent out a song (via Parentmail) that he would like us to learn. It’s called ‘Looking to the Rainbow.’ If you scroll down the page of the link below, you can have a listen and download the lyrics and backing track to practice with if you'd like to. He would like us all to sing it at the same time on 20th May (more on this soon). 


Task 1

It looks like you're pretty used to the BBC bitesize tasks, so you should have no problem with this. Today we would like you to complete the 'Identifying adverbs' tasks using the link below. As Mrs Hally has been saying, you don't need to complete the twinkl task at the bottom (unless you want to of course.) 


Once you've completed the bitesize videos and activities have a look at the game set on ED City.

Play 'Survive a shower' which you will find in Miss Clark's English homework.


Task 2

Hello all. Mr Graham here. Hope you are all well. I am missing our Tuesday afternoons. But now is a good time to catch up on our music and RE.



I have added a new Charanga Music block of learning for this week. Login to Charanga and go to REFLECT, REWIND AND REVIEW WEEK ONE. Enjoy!



Our theme for this term is 'WHAT KIND OF WORLD WOULD JESUS WANT?' Wow! What a big question! Certainly, he would not like one that we have today. So your activity for today is to write down a list of all of the bad and wrong things in the world today. We can all think of Coronavirus, but what about pollution, litter .........  See how many you can think of. I am going to do the same and on Tuesday I will post them on the class page so you can compare. Email me on if you have any questions.



Look on the French tab to find out what the activity for the week is.


Thank you all. Keep smiling!

Task 3

Mrs Baker here- for our maths task today, we're going to try something a bit different since some of you told Mrs Hally that you weren't enjoying the 'I See Maths' videos. The following lessons contain a quiz at the beginning, a main lesson and an end quiz to see how much you've understood. You usually only need a pencil and paper but the teacher will tell you beforehand if you need anything else. Today's lesson is an introduction to fractions. 

(Parents- some of the videos are a bit slow to get started but the maths content behind them is very good and moves the children through the concept in small, progressive steps. I have been using the videos with my little boy- also in Year 3- and rather than printing off the tasks, we just look at them on the



Here is an Education City game just in case you want to revise your understanding of fractions first. It's in the ‘Monday 11th Fraction Revision’ city which revises basic fractions from Year 2.