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Happy Friday everyone. Today is our spelling test so hopefully someone is available to test you at home. We are also doing library cards this morning. If you have read at least 4 times this week, @ me or Mrs H into a message on TEAMS and we will sign your library card.


English: Today we are going to redraft our creature description in order to make it the best it can be. Take a look at mine: the one on the left is my first draft and the one on the right is my final draft. Can you spot the changes that I have made?

Can you see where I used a thesaurus/internet to find more powerful synonyms? I also used the sentence building that we did before Christmas:

Add an adjective

Expanded noun phrase

Fronted adverbial

Subordinate/relative clause


You can submit your finished writing as an ASSIGNMENT for me to read and give you feedback. This could be as a word document or a scan or photo of your writing. I'm looking forward to reading your final drafts.

Assignments > Pandora Creature Description > Add work > Upload from this device (then choose what you want to upload) > Done > Turn in




Maths: As usual on a Friday, try and solve these Countdowns:




Then head over to White Rose to learn how to find the AREA OF COMPOUND SHAPES. Remember that the questions get harder as you go, so just do what you can.



RE: You can watch my recorded video of this lesson from TEAMS.



You could create a piece of art representing the fruits of the spirit. You could create a tree with the fruits growing from it. You could choose one of the fruits and create a piece of art about it. Maybe even a poem.

There are two activities below that you might want to do instead/aswell.