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Week Commencing 01/06/20

Friday 5th June 2020. 


Happy Friday Class Attenborough- Mrs McGill here. Hope you all had a lovely, sunny half term. Welcome back to the final half term as Year 2surprise!


  Today is World Environment Day so today's topic learning will be on this today. Please follow the link below and choose from the seven activities available. You can do as many or as few as you want to.




This week you have beginning to look at The Royals. Today I would like you to think about some amazing adjectives! Please design your own crown and label it with brilliant adjectives, i.e. sparkling jewels. You can draw/make your own crown or I've attached a link below. 



As we had a break from learning on Well Being Wednesday, today I would like you to have a look at Whiterose lesson 4- Odd and Even numbers (the sheet is below).



If you really fancied being mathematical today you could always have a go at Friday's maths challenge too (but this is optional).


Have a lovely weekend everyone yes




Thursday 4th June 2020


Good morning everyone!  Once again I will be in school today so apologies if I don’t get to your emails until lunchtime.  We have reached the point of the week when I hand over to Mrs McGill, so if you have any urgent queries on Friday, please address them to her as I will not be back online till Monday.



We are continuing our work on division through grouping today, question 4 uses a number line for the division, in my experience, some children really take to this but others can find it quite tricky, so if your child finds it easier to do this with objects instead, that’s fine.



Today we are looking at the a_e grapheme, found in words such as space and face.



Today is SPAG Thursday, and this week we are looking at question marks and full stops.  Can you identify which sentences need question marks?  These last two sentences might be helpful for you.



Continuing our work from last term when we looked at the parables of Jesus, we are moving on to looking at the stories about Jesus himself.  We are starting with the story of Jesus calming the storm.

Was you have read through it, you could either retell the story to a grownup, or draw a picture.

Wednesday 3rd June 2020



Please use the Class Pages link and click on Well being Wednesday sub page for today's very, first 'Well Being Wednesday' activity set by Mr Graham. Enjoy and most importantly take time for you today! 

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Good morning everyone, hope you’re enjoying the day, just to say I will be in school teaching today, so I may not be able to respond to emails as fast as I normally would, but I will try to get back to you during my lunch break.  Let’s look at today’s activities:



Today we are looking at sharing into groups, also known as division.

Link is at the bottom of the page.



Use your phonics skills to match the pictures to the captions.



Our topic this half term will be the Royals, so let’s start off with a reading comprehension based on the Queen.  This comes in three levels of difficulty as indicated by the stars at the bottom.



Continuing our topic of materials and their properties, read through this PowerPoint and answer the questions.

Monday 1st June 2020


Good morning everyone, I hope you had a fun holiday, and as we start our final half term of the year, let’s look at our activities.


Today we are moving on to the 10x table, when you get to question 4, you might want to remember that!  Link at the bottom of the page.



Who stole Mr McGregor’s carrots?  A thrilling mystery game that somehow involves phonics to eliminate suspects and bring the villain to justice.  (You might think I’m being a little harsh on Peter and co, but I’m allergic to rabbits!)



What have you been doing over the half term?  Who did you zoom?  Did you go out at all?  Did anything special happen (I had a birthday!)  Write out a recount of what happened over the holiday.



This half term, we are looking at materials and their properties, starting with this knowledge file.