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Monday 1st February

Good morning and welcome to a new week. This week is Mental Health week, and there is a live assembly at 9am for you to watch:


There are also lots of really good activities for you to try here over the week if you want to:


We have a Zoom today at 11am. I would like some of you to read a piece of writing of yours, maybe your newspaper report or another piece that you have done. You don’t have to if you don’t want to.

The rest of the week’s Zooms will be the English lesson. Don't worry if you cannot make some of the meets, I will put the resources on the webpage.


Eva did this fab powerpoint on puppies.


Spelling: Your spellings for this week all have the 'gram' pattern. Make sure you can read them, define them and spell them (particularly the difference between program and programme).











Maths: You can start with a 10 in 10:


This week, we are learning about statistics, charts and graphs. Here is the White Rose link, starting with Interpret Charts.

Alternatively, you may want to use Oak Academy for this unit. There are no worksheets with the Oak, you just need pencil, paper and a ruler. Their first lesson of the unit is Interpreting Line Graphs.


Computing: In this lesson, you will produce a 3D model of a pencil holder. The Tinkercad code is RQSI8JMNL7X5 - you will have to enter your personal nickname (they are in the Computing file on Teams if you have forgotten).