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On-line Safety



Parents, Think U Know (from the CEOPS team) have produced a set of materials for you to do at home around staying safe online. We use Think U Know resources in school. They are age appropriate and from a trusted source. However, they do take some time to navigate and prepare for in advance. I have included the link to the site below, if you would like to use them with your children. The resources are aimed at 5-7 years and 8-10 years so you would need to select which you think is most appropriate for your child.



We have been reminding ourselves how to stay safe on the Internet. One way, that we have talked about, is using child-friendly search engines. These are links to two of them ...

Remember, you still need to keep yourself safe and if you accidentally browse a page, that is inappropriate, press the back button and tell a parent.

This is the link for the Hector safety button. You must ask an adult to download this for you.