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Week 1 (Mon 23rd - Fri 27th March)

Monday 23rd March

Hi Class Wollaton! It’s Monday morning (23rd) and this is all very strange isn’t it?! Let’s try to keep our brains in gear and stay positive through these difficult times. We know some of you will find it tricky over the next few weeks so hopefully, we can keep you occupied and positive and up to date with things that are happening. Please visit our class web page every day for new Home Learning tasks and other fun things to do and email us if you have any problems or you need to check in with us or share any of the fantastic things you’ve been up to. Your parents have our email addresses on Parent Mail.

Back to today…it would be great if you could complete the following challenges using the ‘twinkl’ link that your parents have received and logged in to. It won’t work if they haven’t already set up an account then you can access the Year 6 learning using this weblink:


Reading- Click on Tuesday’s (yes I know it’s Monday) reading comprehension skills challenge cards and read the first two texts- ‘Sharks’ and ‘Charity Week at School’. Answer the questions to those texts without looking at the answer sheets on the pages below! Obviously, you can mark them yourselves to see how you did when you’re finished.

SPAG- Click on Monday’s UKS2 Fix The Sentence Activity Mat Pack. Complete activity mats 1 and 2 by writing out the correct sentences.

Maths- Click on Monday’s 'Planit Number and Place Value Challenge Cards'. They might open as a ‘zip’ file. Click on the challenge cards and try to complete as many of the 8 challenges as you can. The other file in the ‘zip’ folder is the answer sheet so you can self-mark after.

Science- Play these electricity games

PE- Try out this Joe Wicks 5 minute exercise video!


Tuesday 24th March

Morning Wollaton, it’s Tuesday and we hope that you’re all safe, happy and well. Did anyone try out the Joe Wicks live PE lesson at 9am yesterday? Exhausting! If not, try it today- you can catch it later on if you didn’t wake up in time! Miss Clark and I are both in school today, so if we don’t respond to your emails as quickly as normal, that’s because we’re both working-we’ll try hard to get back to you ASAP. 

Below are today’s tasks:

20 minute write- write the next paragraph in the story to Sea Wall. 

Maths - log on to twinkl (using the link from yesterday) and complete 7 of Tuesday’s ‘Maths Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Challenge Cards’. 


Reading- using your twinkl link, read the following texts from Monday: ‘UK Festivals’ and ‘Haunted House’ and answer the comprehension questions.


Click below to see how children are drawing/ painting rainbows for their windows to help others stay positive. I’ve done mine, have you? Read some of the other positive stories on here to help keep you happy.


Have a lovely day and, most importantly, stay safe. Mrs Baker & Miss Clark xx


Morning's Wednesday already! We hope you are all enjoying your home learning tasks. We've already heard back from some people...looking forward to reading even more of your 20 minutes writes.

Today's tasks are as follows:


As the weather is so lovely, we're encouraging you to get outside a bit more and use the environment around you for learning.


English - Based on the following picture, we would like you to write a setting description using all your amazing writing skills. (Prepositional phrases, adverbials, rule of three etc.)



Do DEER Time in the garden. You could even choose an ebook from the list the has been sent out on Parentmail.


Art - We'd like you to either draw, paint or even collage something that shows we are now in spring. This could be a very specific item, such as a tree or even a single leaf or the view from your window/out in the garden. If you're really stuck, there are loads of tutorials on Youtube or you could find a Bob Ross clip to inspire you.


Maths -play a couple of games of countdown...your chance to try and beat the adult. 

- Play at least 2 of the assigned tasks on Mangahigh. (We can see who has been on...we're watching you!)


Hi Wollaton, 

It's Thursday already! Wasn't it a beautiful day yesterday- hopefully lots of you got to spend time in the garden. Well done to all of those who have sent us your great artwork and 20 minute writes. Don't forget that it's time to change the rainbows in your window to a silly face instead! (If you've missed it, look at this Newsround clip: for more information). 


Today's learning challenges are as follows:


Maths- Please play the following game- 'Defenders of Mathmatica.' The practice questions are super easy to get you used to the format of the game.


Science- please watch the following 8 circuit clips (they’re only short)

Then have a go at building a circuit on the following link:



English- log in to 'twinkl' and complete Thursday's 'SPAG statutory spelling' activity (only do 4 of the words-choose the ones you need practice at). 



Reading- 20 minutes DEER Time/ Listen to the free David Walliams book of the day:

Yesterday's was Grubby Gertrude and well worth a listen! 


Enjoy your tasks everyone. It would be nice to hear from everyone over the next couple of days via our email. Please send us something that you've been up to or a photo of you having lots of fun. 

Take care xx


Morning Wollaton- Friday already! You won’t set any new learning until Monday but you can still contact us if you need to via our emails.


Today’s learning:



Reading- listen to the David Walliams free audio of the day. It was Trish the Troll yesterday. (The story changes at 11am). DEER Time in the garden with a book of your choice for at least 25 minutes


Writing- you’ve hopefully been listening to some of the David Walliams free stories taken from his book, ‘World’s Worst Children 2’. Your writing challenge today is to write your own character description about the little guy below. To help you get started, read the character names of the David Walliams’ characters and the beginnings of his descriptions. To help you out with this, there is an attached file called 'David Walliams' on our main class page. We look forward to meeting your new character!




Click the link and practice spellings ending in 'tious' and 'cious'. Once you've clicked the link, click on 'spelling tiles' (these are the free games)  and choose one or more activity. 


Have a great weekend Wollaton. Remember to let us know if you'd like us to share your photos when you send them in xx