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Week 1 Monday 23rd March - Friday 27th March

Learning From Home - MONDAY 23rd MARCH


Good morning Class Rufford. I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for some learning. It’s not quite what we are used to, but we’ll muddle through together. Remember, you can get your parents to email me if you (or they) need any help. I won’t be available this morning as I have a hospital appointment but I will respond to emails later (sorry parents).


Today’s activities can all be found at the Twinkl link below (your parents must have registered for an account)

Parents, if you haven't registered for an account, go to


This is where you will find the interactive links to use every day


Task 1 - Monday’s task from the Reading Page – Read My Picture


Task 2 – Monday’s task from the Maths Page – Place Value Challenge Cards.

Cards 4, 5 and 6 are tricky but some of you will enjoy the challenge. Write the answers in your book and get your parents to mark them. All of the answers are at the end.


Task 3 – Keep a food diary for one day. Check whether you eat food from each nutrient group. Use the picture of the food pyramid to help.


You can complete any of the tasks in your book too and remember to read and practise your daily spellings.


Today is the first day of your Gratitude Diary. Show your parents and complete it together.


Joe Wicks is doing a live work out on his YourTube channel at 9am every morning. Maybe you could join in.


Have a great day and remember to send Mrs Davis and I pictures of anything you are proud of so I can add them to the gallery. 

Learning From Home – TUESDAY 24th MARCH


Happy Tuesday Class Rufford. Let's hope it's another sunny day. Thanks for the photo's some of you sent to me. Check them out in the Gallery. Did you all complete your food diary and your gratitude journal yesterday?


Today’s activities are:


 Task 1 – Tuesday’s task from the Reading Page – Inference Challenge FIRST FOUR CARDS ONLY (page 1).


Task 2 – Monday’s task from the Writing Page – Fix The Sentences FIRST TWO MATS ONLY. Re-write the sentences correctly in your books. You might have to correct spellings and add / alter punctuation.


Task 3 – Play the below games on Mangahigh. These are the ones that not people have played on very much. I would also like you to earn at least 400 points on TT Rockstars and complete at least one Daily 10.


You can complete any of the tasks in your book too and remember to read and practise your daily spellings.

Do you plan to do any exercise today?

Learning From Home – WEDNESDAY 25th MARCH


Wow, it’s Wednesday already!!!!


Have you been keeping up with your reading and daily spellings, as well as your daily tasks? I hope you are finding time to go on TT Rockstars because when I did a leader board on Tuesday, 19 children hadn’t played in the last week! You should all have at least 400 points now. Will we have a new class leader by next Monday? Well done to Caleb, Belle and Raiya for being our top three for last week.


From today, I will be adding an optional task as I know some of you just want more to do!!!


Today’s tasks are:


Task 1 - Tuesday’s task from the Reading Page – Inference Challenge LAST FOUR CARDS ONLY (page 2).


Task 2 – Write a sentence for at least five of this week’s spellings (stuck in your books – chef, chalet, machine, brochure, crochet, ricochet, parachute, moustache, champagne, chute).

Make sure they are super sentences by including adjectives, adverbs and dialogue punctuation. You should also try to include some stat spellings (all stuck in your books).  


Task 3 – Wednesday’s task from the Maths Page – Multiplication & Division Cards QUESTIONS 1-6 ONLY


Optional Task – Draw a picture of anything you like and colour it in carefully. Remember how I taught you to shade the background.

Learning From Home – THURSDAY 26th MARCH


Morning Class Rufford. I’d just like to say thank you for the photo’s you have been sending me. They have been making me smile. It's been great to see a mixture of you completing your learning and doing a range of other things. If you haven’t looked in the Gallery yet, take a look. I have been updating it throughout the week.


Today’s tasks are:


Task 1 – Tuesday’s task from the Writing/SPAG page. Use your book to write down anything you need to.


Task 2 - Wednesday’s task from the Maths Page – Multiplication & Division Cards QUESTIONS 9, 11, 12, 14, 15 and 16. Questions 10 and 13 will give you a real challenge so if you find them too tricky, don’t worry.


Task 3 – Wednesday’s task from the Science Page – Healthy Eating Quiz


Optional Task –


Just to remind you that I know exactly who has been on TT Rockstars and on Mangahigh so if you haven't completed those tasks yet, please crack on with them. I'm watching you :-) 

Learning From Home – FRIDAY 27th MARCH


Can you believe that we have been away from school for a whole week? I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine as well as keeping up with your learning. Today should be spelling test day so ask your parents to test you on this week’s list. If you haven’t been on TT Rockstars (and I know some of you haven’t) please go on today. You were supposed to earn at least 400 points on Tuesday.

There is a message from Mr Graham underneath this block too.


Today's tasks are:


Task 1 – Friday’s task from the Reading Page – Revision Power Point – DAYS 1 & 2


Task 2 – Wednesday’s task from the Writing/SPAG page – choose ANY TWO challenge cards to compete.


Task 3 – Use the Power Point below. It contains two problems. I would like everyone to have a go at the first one. The second one is an extra challenge. If your parents need to look ahead at the answers so they know what the problem is asking, you need to close your eyes J


Optional Task – 

Friday Maths Task


Parents, Think U Know (from the CEOPS team) have produced a set of materials for you to do at home around staying safe online. We use Think U Know resources in school. They are age appropriate and from a trusted source. However, they do take some time to navigate and prepare for in advance. I have included the link to the site below, if you would like to use them with your children. The resources are aimed at 5-7 years and 8-10 years so you would need to select which you think is most appropriate for your child. I know that some children in Rufford will love the 5-7 cartoon, while some will find it babyish. I'll leave it up to you to decide, should you use the resources.


Great to see that some of you have already being on our Charanga Music website - I can see how many minutes you have been on and what you have done. If you do some of the warm up activities it is also a great way to exercise. I know some of you have a recorder at home, so you could practice those parts. You will know 'The Dragon Song' really well by the time we get back. Keep singing and playing. Stay safe.

Mr Graham