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Home Learning Week 2


We made it to Friday! Thank you for all your emails. Don't hesitate to email if you're unsure or worried about something.


Practice spelling common exception words. Can your child put some of their words into sentences? Practice rainbow writing. (Write the word for your child and ask your child to trace over the word in different colours.)


Ask your child to chose book. (Perhaps a fairytale to link with our theme?) Can the write a book review. There are outlines on Twinkl or you can make up your own.

Is your book fiction/non fiction?

What is your book about?

Would you recommend your book? Why?

Draw a picture of your favourite part. 


Maths>Home Learning Year1 

Lesson 4 - Introduce Capacity and Volume

Listen to the introduction, then do the activity sheet, print off if possible or draw the answers in your book. 

If you have time you can also do Lesson 5 - Measure capacity.


We hope you have a great Easter holiday and thank you for all your learning over the past two weeks. We won't be setting any lessons over the holiday but we will be putting a list of fun activities you might like to try on each Monday of the Easter holidays. Happy Easter. 


Happy Thursday! Don't forget to keep up with your wonderful reading Class Newstead! Are you reading any lovely stories at home? Try listening to David Walliams Elevenses. (Type it into google)


Go onto the website phonics play. Click on the game 'Picnic on Pluto'. Click phase 3. Then click er. Obb likes the nonsense words and Bob likes the real words. Ask your child to segment and blend. Can your child create their own Obb and Bob game using other er real and nonsense words? 


Write a new ending to Cinderella. You might want to read some endings from a Cinderella story you have or using the Dan Snow Story from earlier in the week. How can you make your ending different? You can scribe some of the writing for your child. 


Watch 'Where Does Our Food Come From? BBC Teach on you tube. Talk to your child about food miles. Investigate different packaging together. Can you find where the food has come from on the packaging? 



Well done if you have completed Lessons 1&2 don't worry if you didn't have any scales to do the last question on Lesson 2.>Home Learning Year1 

Lesson 3 - Compare Mass

Listen to the introduction. Then do the activity sheet, print if possible or draw your answers in your book.



Thank you for all the wonderful emails and photos. It's great to see what you're up to and to know that you're all ok. If you haven't checked in this week drop us an email just so we know you're ok. 


Type into google Phonics Phase Five Graphemes. You will see a video with a green background and a picture of a man's mouth. Watch this video to give you the correct pronunciations for the different graphemes. Mute the video and ask your child to make the sound for each grapheme. 


Write the sentence 'My Sister has a pink flower.' (Big) Cut up the words and ask your child to put the sentence together so that it makes sense. Can your child make one up for you to do using some of Monday's and Tuesday's words. 


Ask your child to imagine that they are going to be an author for a new version of Cinderella. Draw a new character and write some sentences to describe the character. What do they look like? What is their personality like? Where do they live? 


Google the painting called Vertumnus is by an Italian painter. What can you see? Make a list of all the foods used. Can you recreate your own? 


Well done if you worked through yesterday's lesson on Weight and Mass. If you didn't, do Lesson 1 first before doing today's lesson.

Google White Rose Maths Home Learning Year 1 ->Home Learning

Week 1 - Lesson 2 - Measure Mass

Listen to the introduction. Go to the activity sheet, print out if possible or draw the answers in your book.



Happy Tuesday everyone. Thank you for all your emails and photos.


If we were at school we would be learning about Weight and Mass in Maths.

White Rose (the Maths scheme we use) has produced a home learning pack to help teach this concept.

Google White Rose Maths Home Learning Year 1 - > Home Learning

Week 1  Lesson 1 - Introduce Weight and Mass

Listen to the introduction. Go to the activity sheet, print out if possible or draw the answers in your book. 


If you google twinkl sound mat. (Phase 3 and phase 5) Can your child say the sounds to match the graphemes? 

Recap words from yesterday. Can they make the er sound? Write some words which use er (E.g...flower, certificate, sister, shower) on pieces of paper write some words which don't use er. Hide the words around the house or a room. Ask your child to find the words and blend to read to you. Can they sort the words into two piles er words and non er words. 


Use the adjectives you wrote yesterday to make descriptive sentences to describe characters from 'Cinderella.'


Hope you have all had a good weekend. Thank you for all your emails and photos. Please keep in touch as it's great to see what you have been up to. 



Ask the adult looking after you to say 10 numbers between 20 and 50. Record these numbers in your Home Learning book. Keep checking the place value. Then order the numbers from the smallest to the largest. Next choose 3 of the numbers you have recorded and find objects around your house to represent them. You could use lego bricks, buttons, toy figures etc...

Finally can you draw a picture or take a photo of the representations. 


Watch Mr Thorne Does Phonics Episode ER. Ask your child to write down some of the words Mr Thorne shared today. Practice making the er sound using different voices. Ask your child to draw lines under the digraphs/trigraphs (two letters making one sound/three letters making one sound) and a dot under the single letters making one sound. I like to call these sausage and peas. 

Remind your child of Friday's story by listening again to Dan Snow reading Cinderella on you tube.  Ask your child- 'Who are the main characters?' Choose a character to draw a picture of. Remind your child that adjectives are describing words. Ask your child to write a list of adjectives to describe their character. 



When we were in school the children designed their own healthy pizzas. We were planning on making our pizzas with different toppings. 

If possible make a pizza. You could add toppings to a pizza you already have, Or make pizzas using cobs, slices of bread etc...

Afterwards ask your child to write an evaluation. What did they like? Dislike? How could they improve?