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Thursday 18th June 2020

Spelling - please use the link below and play 'Bouncing Anagrams' to practise your spellings.
English - Today you will focus on the use of apostrophes to show possession in your writing. As usual, watch the videos before choosing one of the activities to complete.
Maths - Click on the link at the top of the previous page.

History - This specific lesson usually involves a class visit to the All Hallows Churchyard and a talk led by Mrs. Pringle. Hopefully you will be able to visit the Churchyard and complete the questions below:


Are all of the gravestones the same size and shape?


Can you describe some of the different shapes (you could include a drawing of some)?


What materials do you think the gravestones and monuments have been made from?


Why do you think they have used this material?


Can you find any of the following graves and record some information about these people?


1. Alfred Shaw

2. Arthur Shrewsbury

3. John Finders


What is the earliest dated grave you can find?


I have uploaded some information regarding the above - use the link below.