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Welcome to Class Rufford


Teacher - Mrs Kelly Hally

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Davis and Mrs Davey

School Parliament Reps - Siobhan, Carter & Archie H

PTA Class Rep - Eleanor & Caleb

 Topics - 

Class Story - Individual choice



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Gratitude Journals


Belle is grateful for having a video call with her friends and playing Rummikud.

Reuben M is grateful for lunch in sun and seeing his friends from across the field. 

Jess is grateful for being with Daddy and having scones.

Abbie is grateful for the NHS and the sun.

Mrs Hally is grateful for video calls and the birds that have been in her garden this week. 

Archie M is grateful his sister to play with and his trampoline.

Archie H is grateful for toilet roll and getting a letter from Alex.

Lola (Mrs Hally's cat) is grateful for pillows, cat naps and nose scratches.

What have you been grateful for? Have you been keeping your journal up to date. It helps us to stay positive if we think of the things that we are thankful for :-) 

Link To Art Video

This is the link to the video that we used using during our art lesson. The first three and a half minutes are the bits that we had a go at. Why not have a go at home?

(Make sure you ask a grown up first because the link will take you to You Tube)


CLICK HERE to go to the You Tube video - Start Drawing Part 1







Maths Instant Recall facts

Statutory Spelling List

Reading & Writing Assessment Checklists

Drug & Alcohol Education Overview (Spring Term)