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Home Learning Activities : Week 3

Friday 24th April 2020
Happy Friday everybody. I hope you have all had a great week and have enjoyed the learning and have spent some time outside enjoying the lovely weather. I have included the next set of spellings for you to practise below.

Words ending in 'ic'












English - I have had a bit of help with today's English task - thank you Leo. Follow the internal link below and click on Activity 2 (if you have not found this secret section of the web site you are more than welcome to check out activity 1 as well).
Maths - No video to play today but lots of problems to try and solve. White Rose Maths suggests Year4 to try and answer problems 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. However, you could work together at home and try and solve some/all of the others. They have not posted any answers as yet so its just the questions to download for now. All the best.

Music - Our last music topic focused on the song 'Lean on me' which was written and sang by Bill Withers (although there have been many covers). We analysed the songs powerful lyrics which quickly became so relevant to all of us locally and globally. It is with great sadness that I inform you that Bill Withers died on 30th March 2020 at the age of 81 with a heart problem. 


Our next music focus is the song Blackbird by The Beatles. So log in to Charanga, using the link below, and enter your username and password and work through Blackbird - Step 1. If you can't quite remember how to log in then follow the internal link called Music for a bit of extra help (also below).

Have a fantastic weekend Class Sherwood.

Thursday 23rd April 2020


A very good morning to you all and a huge thank you for all of your Earth Day pieces of artwork (I'm sure lots more of you will send them to me as and when you have finished them).

English - Today's English has a SPaG focus which will lead you to writing in more detail - the expanded noun phrase. Don't worry if you have forgotten about this writing feature as the resources you will be using gives you some reminders (remember I am here if you need me though). The resources are found on the BBC learning link below.
Activity 1 is on screen but you will need the downloadable files below for Activty 2 and 3. I suggest that you all complete Activity 1 and then choose which one of the other 2 activities to do (or if you prefer - do everything - that's up to you).
Maths - click on the link below the picture to access the White Rose Maths video. I have downloaded the questions and answers as pdf's below the learning link. Any problems with the tasks please give me an email.
Geography - We now move from our History focus of Roman Britain to a Geography focus called 'All around the World.' Read through the paragraph below which outlines our learning throughout this focus.
Below is a ppt. and pdf. of the same file which you need to enjoy first. Underneath those two files is your activity file containing the format I would like you to use. The activity is to write about three different countries of your choice. However, one country must be found in the Northern Hemisphere, one in the Southern Hemisphere and the final one found on the equator. You could use an atlas or some online maps to help you with the information. You are more than welcome to send me any pictures of your learning.

Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Happy Earth Day everyone. You will find some learning activities about Earth Day below plus an idea (or two actually) from Violet. Remember to keep on checking out the different areas of Class Sherwood's website as I am updating it all of the time with your wonderful pictures, movies (when I can), ideas, proud moments and much more. Please take a look at the 'Virtual Proud Board' because Violet has had a great idea which you may want to do - I'll say no more about that now so you will need to take a look. You can also see Autumn's first and second day pictures of her mini water world on the week 3 pictures page (at the bottom) and it is already starting to rain in there. I am also going to try and get us all together via a Zoom video link- I'm looking into it at the moment so fingers crossed.

English - Reading Comprehension - Today I would like you to read and answer some questions about Earth Day 2020. Click and download the document below. The answers are at the end of the document so no peaking until you are ready to check.
Maths - click on the link below the picture to access the White Rose Maths video. I have downloaded the questions and answers as pdf's below the learning link. Any problems with the tasks please give me an email.
Some of the questions require you to use a greater/more than, less than and equivalence symbol. We have covered these symbols at school but as a reminder see the picture below before looking at the questions.
Earth Day - Today is Earth Day. Take a look at the information in the Power Point or pdf. below.

You could also do some internet research about what Earth Day is. Here are some websites you could look at:


To celebrate the 50th Earth Day, I'd like you to create a picture of our beautiful planet. You can use felt tips, pencil crayons, paint, chalk, collage, recycled materials or anything else you can think of. Please send me a photo so I can create a Gallery page just for this. You might want to do this over the week, depending on how you're doing it so just send the photo when you have finished. You could put your finished picture up in your window with your rainbows, if you have them, and could write Happy Earth Day so everyone knows why you have done it. Thank you to Violet for having the art link idea.

Tuesday 21st April 2020


Good morning all I hope that you got on well with the activities yesterday and are ready for some more today. Please remember to send me your book review, jokes, alternative exercise routines, 10 in 10s and virtual proud board moments too. Thank you for sending me lots of pictures, which I have uploaded to the various sections of our site, some of you are also sending in videos which are great to see but not always possible to upload to our site - sorry.

English - Take a look at the two pictures below. They include lots of different activities based around two of your statutory spellings for this half term, complete and experiment. Have a go at completing both.
Maths - I appreciate that the White Rose site was inundated yesterday so I have included the activity and answers below but I have been unable (so far) to do the same for the video. Hopefully, the problem was a one off. Hope you all got on OK with the activities yesterday. Remember that I'm here if you need to ask me anything. Click on the link below the picture to access (hopefully) Lesson 2 : Write decimals.
RE - Our new focus for RE is titled 'Kingdom of God' and asks the question 'When Jesus left, what was the impact of Pentecost?' Below is a PPT and a pdf file (same content) which will help you to understand what Pentecost is. The third file is the activity Pentecost Windmill' (I hope you have the equipment needed but if not I'm sure you can improvise).

Monday 20th April 2020

Hi Class Sherwood. I hope you all had an amazing Easter holiday and didn't eat too much chocolate :-)

I imagine you all took a break from doing the tasks I have been setting but if you're short of something to do, all the activities I put on over Easter and the two weeks before, are still up. Thank you for the photos and updates from your parents. I liked hearing from them. 


Now the hols are over, it's back to learning. You don't have any new spellings this week because I want you to practise the new set of stat spellings. They are stuck in the books you took home but are also listed below: 












English - I would like you to include all ten of the different statutory spellings within a single piece of writing. The statutory spellings do not need to appear in any specific order. The focus of the writing is up to you. It could be a short story, a letter or even a poem - it's up to you but choose something manageable. We have done this type of activity before and I can remember how creative you all are. Remember to show off as many different  writing skills as you can. I have put a picture of a writing mat below to remind you of the key focuses for year 4.  
Maths - We will be using resources created by White Rose Maths throughout the week (and potentially longer). Each day there is a video to watch, (you will need to pause this at different intervals) a set of questions related to the video and the related answers. Click on the below the picture to take you to the Math's learning for today (Summer Term Week 1 w/c 20th April).
Science - We ran out of time last half-term and did not manage to finish our Chemistry focus of 'Changing State.' Therefore, we need to complete this final part before we move on. This final stage looks at the water cycle. Watch the videos below before reading through the pdf file about the water cycle.
Now you have watched and read the information about the water cycle have a go at creating your own 'Water Cycle Wheel' (three different versions to choose from) and 'Mini Water World.' Please take some pictures of your 'Mini Water World' as it begins to show you the different stages of the water cycle and send them in.

One final thing - I would love to include more of the following on our class page for you all to see:


Book Reviews

Alternative exercise routines

Virtual Proud Board moments

10 in 10s