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The Curriculum

Our curriculum ensures we enable each child to make outstanding progress in all areas.


It is based on what research shows us works well for our children:


  • Reading is essential for children to thrive

The teaching and enjoyment of reading flows through our curriculum.  Teachers choose quality texts to enhance the subjects taught and our timetable enables teachers to focus on reading skills.


  • Cultural Capital opens doors

We need to open our children’s eyes to a breadth of knowledge. The focus is not what they are into – but on what they will not encounter unless they come to our school.

 ‘Powerful knowledge provides more reliable explanations and new ways of thinking about the world and ...can provide learners with a language for engaging in political, moral, and other kinds of debates’ -  M Young 2008


  • Interconnectedness - Information becomes knowledge when we connect it to other knowledge so that is has meaning

Cultural Capital/powerful knowledge is built through making links within and between subject areas.  We achieve this through a mixture of thematic and subject specific approaches. Curriculum leaders have devised and tracked spines throughout our provision such as quality texts read, composers and artists studied.


  • Spaced Repetition

Through carefully planned spiral teaching, we return to previously taught content throughout school allowing skills and content to be fully embedded.


  • Retention - Learning is a change to long term memory

It is our whole-school responsibility to ensure the children retain what they have learned in the long term.  Our curriculum is  broad and balanced and we encourage long term recollection of the key features of this, our 'sticky knowledge', through frequent reference to it and retrieval of previously learned content. 


  • Learning should be fun, creative, enquiry-based and enable spirituality

We teach the curriculum in a dynamic and fun way that means every child can grow in confidence, unlocking and revisiting vital skills that will drive their creativity.

Every child is given the opportunity to:









For more focused details about current learning, please visit the link to each subject, visit class pages or contact the class teachers for more information.



We use Monster Phonics as our phonics program. 

Please click on this link to find out about this fantastic scheme:

Monster Phonics


Please look out for further details about Monster Phonics parent webinars which will help you to help your child with their phonics.


All Hallows Teaching and Learning Policy

Ambitious Curriculum Adaptations to Support Learners with SEND