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Tuesday 12th May 2020

Tuesday 12th May 2020


Good morning Class Sherwood. It was really great to hear and see so many of you yesterday during our meeting and I certainly learned a thing or two about Pokemon.

Spellings - Today I would like you to focus on the prefix 'tele.' There are three different activities to choose from below.

English (Persuasion: Adverts) - Yesterday you navigated your way through a learning document all about adverts and their key features.


I wonder how many different adverts you managed to find and collate? (Eva sent me a picture of the adverts that she collated which is underneath - how many do you recognise?)


Did you see any adverts on the television, hear any on the radio, see any in a magazine, etc?


What were they advertising? Have you got a favourite advert?


Did you notice any particular similarities between the adverts?


Today I would like you to take a look at the advert below (the product is called 'Sudz') and record the different features the author has used to try and persuade you. You could highlight certain parts of the text and/or use arrows to point to/from specific parts with an explanation of the feature. To help you find the specific features please use the 'key points' guide below. I have also included an annotated version of the advert, which you can take a look at once you have completed your own for comparison. 

Maths - See Maths link at the top of the previous page.
Computing - last week you had a go at honing your typing skills - this is certainly a skill which needs plenty of practise. Therefore, take another look using the link below and see if you are any better. Remember that practise makes skills become more permanent.