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Virtual Proud Board

Thank you for visiting our 'Virtual Proud Board.' I'm pretty sure that I could list every single person in the class here as you continue to make everybody so proud. Here are some proud moments that I have heard about...
Evie-Mae - Wow - have a good look at this amazing sticker collage of a parrot below- it looks 3-D. A really great job Evie-Mae well done.
Belle - you have used your initiative whilst working at home and have even continued to practise your times tables when visiting the vets. Everybody is super proud of you - well done Belle and keep it up.
Harrison - wow - everybody is so proud that you have taken your first steps to becoming an entrepreneur. Creating your own brand 'Tru Gamer' and creating merchandise sorry 'merch' to sell. 
Belle - Belle the chef created, with help from dad, a delicious fish pie. Take a look below: