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Friday 22nd May


Happy Friday! Don't forget that it is actually half term next week, so I won't be setting you any specific tasks. All I ask is that you rest, recharge your batteries, and look after yourselves and each other.


Oh, and don't forget to keep practising your statutory spellings!


English: Today's BBC book study is A Pocketful Of Stars by Aisha Bushby. You have to listen to the extracts carefully:


Maths: You have smashed it on Manga High:


Reuben has closed the gap on the top 2:

1)   Drew  83

2)  Maisie  72

3)  Reuben  60

4)  Noah T  54

5)  Matty  53


Our school subscription ends TODAY, so it is your last chance to earn some medals. I have assigned you all a couple of extra PERCENTAGES challenges.


Music: You have a choice of music lessons today. The BBC is looking at composing music using found sounds and music technology. The Oak Academy is looking at singing in harmony.



Oak Academy:




Thursday 21st May


I hope you all had the opportunity to enjoy the hot weather. It's going to be nice again today so make sure you go outside and enjoy yourselves!


Thank you for all the messages you and your parents sent for Thank A Teacher Day – it is really appreciated by all the staff in these difficult times heart


Abbie, Esme, Abigail, Riley and Freya made these:

And Oscar made this. I'm not talking to Oscar anymore! wink




I want to say a big thank you to you guys for trying so hard in such strange circumstances, and to your parents, who have been doing such an amazing job supporting/entertaining you.

Now, if your parents manage to drag you away from the garden, there are some activities you can complete today...


English: The BBC lesson is to write a Thank You letter:

As some of you have already done this, you may instead want to spend some time practising your tricky spelling words, or reading your book outside.


Maths: These are always popular:


Rather than doing the White Rose lesson today, I want you to spend a bit more time on percentages.

Those of you missing Match of the Day may want to watch this video about percentages hosted by Gary Linekar


This is a good video/game about percentages with Dick and Dom:


You could have a try at some of these - you don't have to do them all as they get progressively harder:


Computing: I think some of you will love this lesson on making a simple video game:



Wednesday 20th May


It was great seeing you yesterday - you all looked safe and well, which is most important.


Noah T mentioned that he had made a stop motion animation. Here it is - it's very clever:

Noah T animation

Still image for this video


English: You should be OK with this lesson. I would be disappointed otherwise. You might get all the questions right, or you may get one or two wrong. Can you work out the focus of today's lesson?


Maths: Start with these two Flashback 4s. Don't forget the clock in the corner.

Then it is Week 2 Lesson 3 Understanding Percentages

The important thing to remember is cent means 100. There are 100 years in a century, 100 cents in a euro/dollar, etc.

So percent is per 100 (or out of 100).


Science: I was reading an article about Sir Isaac Newton. Can you remember we learned about him earlier in the year? Well, when the apple fell on his head, he was actually at home isolating because of the plague.

This is the video we watched in class:


Have a read of this profile about him. There are some exercises you may want to try at the end:



Tuesday 19th May


No class updates this morning as I'm hoping you can tell us what you have all been up to on our Zoom chat. Just a reminder not to record or take any photos of the Zoom screen yes


However, Abigail's tadpoles are now officially frogs. Look at the stages of metamorphosis that they have gone through:


English: Today's lesson is titled 'Homophones & Paragraphs'. Although there is a video to watch about homophones, the main focus of the activities is paragraphs. Some of you fully understand paragraphs and include them in the correct place in your writing. Others may find this recap useful.


Maths: You may have seen on our class page the TT Rockstars world record attempt - have you had a go yet?

Today's White Rose lesson is Week 2 Lesson 2 Order and Compare Decimals.


Geography: This lesson is about Natural Resources. The second activity involves you looking through your kitchen cupboards to try and find out where your food has come from. Remember, you don;t have to print the sheet off:


History: Have you seen the Disney animation Pocahontas? Apparently, it was VERY wrong. Her name isn't even Pocahontas!!! Find out about her in this week's podcast. 

4 out of 5 again for me this week. How am I supposed to remember her dad's name?! angry




Monday 18th May


Good morning everyone. I'll start with some updates from me:


According to our school website statistics, more people are visiting our class page than any other. Well done guys - it shows how much hard work and effort you are putting in to try and complete the tasks.


You may have seen in the school newsletter on Friday that Hathersage has – sadly but unsurprisingly - been cancelled this year, but we have re-booked it for you to go in June next year instead.


Don't forget our Zoom meeting tomorrow at 10am.


Finally, I mentioned last week that NatWest Bank were due to come in and do some work with you around something called Financial Education. Well, they have started Money Sense Mondays: at 10:30 today there will be a live lesson aimed at 8-12 year olds. There are also loads of other money resources and games on the website:


Here are your spelling for the next TWO weeks. They are statutory spellings taken from the Year 5/6 word list. Make sure you can read, spell and define them. Can you see why so many people mis-spell them?





English: This week, there are a series of lessons on letter writing, building up to writing a thank you letter. We learned a little bit about letter writing when we wrote to the residents of Willowbrook Care Home. This first lesson recaps similes and metaphors:


Maths: We are going back to our sequence of learning this week, rather than revisiting previous learning.

We will be starting with Rounding Decimals, which is Week 2 Lesson 1:



History: This BBC lesson is all about Henry VIII. There are a couple of Horrible Histories videos to watch and 3 activities to test your knowledge: