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Welcome to Class Attenborough!

Dear parents,

I never thought I would have to do this again, but here we are with online learning and so many of you not in school.  This isn’t what any of us would have wanted but sadly it is necessary for the time being.  I will be in class everyday teaching some of the class as normal.  I just want to reassure those of you at home that I am still your teacher, and I am still available to talk to, I will be logged on to TEAMs every afternoon so you can speak to me there and you will be able to submit some of your work there for me to take a look at.  I greatly look forward to a time when this is no longer necessary, but for now we will do the best we can.  For more details of this week, please click the link below.

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Spring 2
Spring 1
This term we will be starting off with looking at multiplication and division, before moving on to statistics - specifially reading and writing tables, and bar charts, moving on the the properties of shape and then to fractions, length and height.
PE continues to be every Monday, and I am planning to teach our first PE session on the Monday we return to school, please make sure that your child arrives in their PE kit and I would strongly recommend tracksuit bottoms or leggings as well as their school jumper.  This half term we will be looking at invasion games and the use of space.
This half term in English, we will be looking at chronological and non-chronological reports, followed by work on punctuation and conjunctions such as and, but and or. 
This half term our science topic is materials and their properties, we will be looking at identifying materials common objects are made, identifying whether they are man-made or natural and the reasons for choosing the right materials for a given purpose.
This half term our topic is Around the World, we will be looking at concepts such as continents and oceans, what these mean and identifying our own country and others on a map and globe.
I have included our curriculum planning timetable for the year under this message, please be aware that I may change the order of delivery of different units of learning as the year goes on but if so I will update this timetable.