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Tuesday 19th January

Good morning guys. Sorry for the issues on Zoom yesterday - hopefully it will work today at 11am.


We loved making the 3D model Tinkercad houses in school. This is mine:




VIPERS: Start with this text on Famous American Landmarks:




Maths: Prepare for your maths learning by practising your times tables on either Rockstars or Daily 10.


Then you are starting to work with even bigger numbers by MULTIPLYING 3 DIGITS BY 2 DIGITS:


English: Hopefully you can join us at 11am on Zoom for a lesson on headlines. If not, I will add the powerpoint to this page. This activity has been set as an ASSIGNMENT in Teams.


History: Have you seen the Disney film Pocahontas? Well, she was a real person and you can find out all about her in this week's podcast. I got 4 out of 5 in the last two weeks so I need to listen extra carefully this time to see if I can get full marks.