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Technical Issues

Hello and welcome to my technical support page, here I'll try to deal with commonly found problems parents are having with aspects of home learning


PowerPoint problems


Some common problems with powerpoint are:


1) I don't actually have PowerPoint!

There is a free version of the powerpoint programme you could install on windows called libreoffice it's found at  and that should (fingers crossed) be able to open most of the documents


2) The file hasn't fully downloaded, so the computer tries to open it and the full data is not there


3)  It complains some fonts (letter shapes basically) are not present on your computer 

the solution is just to click ok its generally fine


4)  If your version of powerpoint  is particularly old then it might struggle to open the file but twinkl tends to save them as files compatible for anything from 1997 onwards, your computer is probably newer than this but you never know!


5)  I can open the file but all the text is on top of other text!

PowerPoint files are designed to be run as slideshows - any animations then 'play' at the correct time,

if you can see text on top of other text then you have opened the file but not told the computer to start playing it.  To do this click on the slideshow option then 'start from beginning' you can then move back and forward through the slideshow back clicking or using the arrow keys - there's a picture of the options to press below: