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Week commencing 27/04/20

Friday 1st May 2020:

Happy Friday Class Attenborough- Mrs McGill here. Just a quick note to say thank you to you all for joining us on Wednesday for the first of our class Zooms. It was so lovely to see you all- We think you are all AMAZING!  On to today's learning... 



Mr Higgins has been telling me all about the amazing traditional tales you have been writing. Therefore your English task for today is to finish your Traditional tale. Remember the ending to a story is one of the most important parts, it can leave the reader wanting more. We can't wait to read your finished tales. yes




Yesterday's learning you were moving on from measuring and beginning to explore problem solving. With that in mind please have a go at 'Friday's Maths Challenge' by following the link below. Thank you. 



I loved looking at your sun safety posters from last week, although we haven't needed them this week with the weather. no This week I would like you to have a conversation; focusing on 'People who keep us safe'. There are so many fantastic Key Workers that we proudly clap for every Thursday night and I would like you to create a poster for them. The picture below might help you remember some of the amazing professions that keep us safe all year round. 


Thursday 30th April 2020

Hello everybody, we come to that period of the week where I say goodbye until Monday and Mrs McGill takes over for Friday.

But before that, let’s look at our activities:


We are leaving length behind us now and moving on to problem solving for Thursday

Here’s a hint for the first question; solve the two circles part first, then do the circle subtract the triangle at the top, the rest should be easy after that (I promise that will make sense when you look at the sheet)



What do you get if you cross phonics and Monopoly?  The answer (apparently) is Phonopoly, a fun game of travelling round the board and using your phonics skills.  The board comes as a pdf file, so rather than printing it out I found it works great on a tablet screen.



Thursday is SPAG day and we will be looking at using the past tense by sorting verbs into past and present tense.

Remember everyone, if this makes you ‘tense’ then try to get ‘past’ that.  (I’ll just leave now)



This week we are continuing our topic on Andy Warhol, the famous American artist, by reading this fact sheet and answering the questions below.  (The answer to question one is actually in this introduction)

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good morning everyone, today is International Dance Day (Thanks Google!) so why not make your exercises today dance based!

I’ve attached a link with some possible playlists, all of these songs will be on youtube

Alternatively, Kidsbop do a great range of popular songs with rewritten child-friendly lyrics, my favourite is shout out to my xbox.



As our next step in length, we are applying our understanding to answer length based questions using different maths skills.



Practice your spelling skills with this common exception wordsearch pack.  For anyone unsure, common exception words are words that either don’t follow a standard spelling rule, or do so in an unusual way, they are pretty much unique to English, so congratulations parents you are fluent writers of one of the most difficult languages in the world!



Today we are beginning to write out the first section of our traditional tale, we have a hero, a villain and a setting.  But how does the story begin?  Stories such as these often begin with a journey, so where does your character start from, what is the reason for their journey.  You first section should end as they set out on their mission



We will be spending the next few weeks looking some of the parables, starting with the Good Samaritan.

What made this story so dramatic to the Jewish people is that they and the Samaritans did not get on, in fact that they hated each other, they wouldn’t even live in the same villages, some of this meaning can be lost when we read it in the modern day but ultimately the story is about helping anyone in need, not just those we like or care about.

Tuesday 28th April 2020

Good morning everybody,


As the next stage in our topic of length today we are looking to put different lengths in order.  As always the link is at the bottom of the page


A great way to recall and use our phonemes by making these chatterbox toys, based on the old fortune teller toy (which every child I’ve ever taught seems to know how to make but I never managed strangely!)



What is a traditional tale without a villain?  Red Riding Hood has a wolf, Gingerbread Man has the fox, Goldilocks has, well Goldilocks really, so who will be in your story?  I’ve put a few ideas underneath, feel free to use or ignore them as you wish!



Our science task today is to create a fact file about different animals and the habitats they live in.  If printing is an issue, feel free to create this in your notebooks or on paper.  If you are stuck for ideas, try looking through yesterday’s PowerPoint again.

Monday 27th April 2020

Good morning everyone, I hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend, let’s have a look at today’s activities:



Continuing our topic of measurement, we are looking at comparing lengths, the activity sheet is available at the bottom of the page.



Read through this reading comprehension about taking care of your dog and answer the questions, this comes in three difficulty levels.



Welcome to the second week of our traditional tales topic.  Who is the lead character in your story?  What is their name?  What do they look like?  I would like you to create a character portrait – a picture of your character, and some sentences describing them, using all those wonderful adjectives you were working with last week.



Continuing our topic of Animals and their habitats, work through this PowerPoint covering different habitats and see if your child can sort the animals into currently living and extinct.