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Week 10 Monday 15th June - Friday 19th June

Just a heads-up for parents, this is the last week that the Learning From Home page will look like this. From next week, there will be an overview grid for the week, containing weblinks, and any documents will appear underneath. As the staff are all back teaching in school, we need to make the Home Learning more time manageable. I hope the children continue to enjoy the activities, which I will continue to set because I think they are the best ones for Class Rufford. 

I will still continue to put comments and updates in, when I can. 


Kelly Hally



Good morning class Rufford, I hope you all had a great weekend.


Today's tasks:


Task 1 – We are continuing with our learning based on The Sound Collector for the next two days. Before we have a go at writing our own verses tomorrow, I am going to give you a bit of help with the rhyming part of the poetry process. This is probably the hardest thing to get right. In each verse lines 2 and 4 rhyme. So let’s get our rhymes going. To warm up, choose at least two words from each picture below and see if you can come up with three words that rhyme with them. You don’t have to write them all down.


Now you need to get your mind map out and look at the ideas you’ve come up with. Take each one and see if you can think of some rhyming words that you might be able to use tomorrow. Don’t worry if they won’t all work, just get some ideas down.                                            

For example – you might have, the scribbling of the pens. So jot down words that rhyme with pens (hens, dens, lens, amen).                         

You might have, the creaking of the chair. So jot down words that rhyme with chair (bear, care, dare, aware, stare, hair).

Come up with as many ideas as you can and add them to your mind map.



Task 2 -  I want you to carry on with the new maths block today. As I told you last week, you will need to scroll down past the lessons on fractions to get to the lessons on Angles and Shapes. Hopefully, you are on lesson three – recognising right angles - but if you didn’t complete the first two lessons last week, that’s where you need to start.



Task 3 I hope you have been enjoying the MoneySense Monday lessons. Here is the link to today’s, which is about how you can save energy and money. That’s a double win J




Task 1 - On Friday you had a go at adding some onomatopoeia to your sound ideas and yesterday you played with some rhymes. Now comes the tricky part, turning your ideas into a poem. I’m not expecting you to write a poem with as many verses as The Sound Collector though. If you manage one or two verses, that’s amazing. We would share loads of ideas if we were in class, so doing this on your own will be a lot harder. You need to think about the sounds but also the rhyme scheme. The second and fourth line need to rhyme. 


Here are some examples that I have come up with:


The chatter of the children                The humming of the voices

The scraping of the chairs                  The fluttering of the books

The thudding of the football               The scribbling of the pens

The stomping up the stairs                  The clanging of the cooks


You can magpie ideas from mine, as well as from the original poem.

I’d love to see what you come up with.



Task 2 – Complete the next lesson in the Angles and Shapes series. If you have kept on track, you will be on lesson four today – recognising acute and obtuse angles. But as always, go back and complete any lessons that you have missed



Task 3 I had some great feedback about the Texture Treasure Hunt lesson. If you didn’t complete it last Tuesday, you might want to do that one first.

The next Art lesson on texture can be found here.




It’s Well Being Wednesday so check the subpage for today’s task.




Thanks for sending me some of your poems yesterday. Have a look in the Gallery. They are fab :-) 




Morning guys, I can't wait to catch up with you on our Zoom quiz later today. I have just got around to checking the TT Rockstars leaderboard for the last seven days. Well done to our new leader, Jenson, and to Abbie and Reuben M for taking the second and third place spots. 


Task 1 – We have worked really hard on our poetry lessons over the last ten days. I loved the poems you sent me. They really made Mrs Davis and I smile. So today we are going to give our brains a bit of a rest and revisit something that we have already learned about. Use the link to access the activities about inverted commas (speech marks).



Task 2 – Your next Angles & Shape lesson should be lesson five (if you have stayed on track). This lesson gives you the chance to go back and revisit everything you have learned about angles so far.



Task 3 We are going to continue learning about reflection today. The Power Point is below (with the PDF if you need that instead). I have also attached the recording sheets but you could just record your ideas in your book. You don’t actually need the sheets. There is a clip to watch, which you won’t be able to click on if you’re using the PDF, so the link is here.




Task 1 – You will already know what an expanded noun phrase is but you might not remember that’s what it’s called so do the activities to refresh your memory.



Task 2 – The maths lessons move away from angles and on to shape at lesson six, which is where you should be if you have been completing one lesson a day. You are going to learn a fancy new maths word today – perpendicular. Enjoy.



Task 3 – This lesson is about weather and climate. We learned a bit about this when we did our Rainforest topic. These activities will extend your learning further.


Have a lovely weekend :-)