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Week commencing 23/03/20

Friday 27th March 2020

Hello Class Attenborough- Mrs McGill here. Hope you are all enjoying this gorgeous weather we are having. Your learning for today is:



We will be looking at the 3x Table. Please watch the clip below and practice writing down the multiples of 3.

Maybe someone at home could practice your 3x table with you? Or see if you can spot any multiples of 3 around your house/garden. For example, I spotted the multiple 6 in my kitchen. 2x3=6- 6 eggs.


This beautiful weather has made me think of Spring and inspired me to write an acrostic Spring time poem. Could you have a go at writing one too please? Remember to use you best handwriting, full stops/capital letters and those amazing adjectives. 



Our Topic this half term is Food. We have been exploring healthy eating and a balanced diet. Could you draw me a healthy meal and label it please. Below is a clip to recap your learning.

Thursday 26th March 2020


Today we will be looking at making different amounts of money using different coins



In English today we will be revising the conjunctions but and or



We have covered the Easter story in school , so children can complete either the story sequencing activity (no words) or the matching and sequencing activity (requires reading)


Wednesday 25th March 2020


Maths – use your knowledge of patterns and 2d shapes to complete this sequence, each shape can only be used once

Make sure you can name each of the shapes and describe its properties to your grownup.



Today we are revising using commas in lists



Complete the experiment on dissolving and write down what you found out in your workbooks

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Here are today’s activities


Maths – looking at our work on fractions draw the different pictures


English Phonics/SPAG

Work through this reading comprehension (it comes in three levels use the 3 star version please)



Practice cooking with your grownups and send in any pictures of what you make!

Monday 23rd March 2020


Good morning!

Below you’ll find today’s activities


In maths today we are looking at applying our addition and subtraction skills through word problems.

I have also set up several activities on manga high focussing on counting in 2s and 5s

If you do not have your login for this then please email me at and I will send it to you directly


Choose one of the following pictures, and use it to write a story.  Remember to use:



Capital letters and full stops

The conjunctions ‘but’ and ‘and’