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Monday 25th January

Good morning and welcome to a new week. We are having a Zoom meeting at 11am to check in with each other and talk about the week ahead, so hopefully we will all see each other then.


For your daily reading, you may want to check out this brilliant Powerpoint that Violet has made:


Spelling: This week's spelling pattern is 'graph', which relates to drawing or writing. Make sure you can read them, spell them and define them.











Maths: Start with this 10 in 10

Then head over to White Rose where you will be recapping dividing numbers this week, starting with Divide 2-digits by 1-digit. As ever, try and complete what you can of the challenges.


English: Join us on Zoom at 11am, where we can all check-in, and we will look at starting our newspaper reports.


If you can't make the call, hopefully you have what you need to start your newspaper article. I have included two blank templates below (the word one you can save as your own and type directly into it). I have also included a WAGOLL to give you an idea of structure and what to include, as well as copies of some of the pictures from the book that you could use.


Computing: A lot of you enjoyed the Tinkercad lesson last week, where you designed your own houses. This week, we will be creating a 3D model of a key ring.