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Fliss' amazing class picture.

Teachers: Mrs Baker & Miss Clark


School Parliament: 

Tim, James and Betty



Betty and James


House Captains:

Luca, Lara, Felicity, Emily, Libby T,

Neve, Theo and Isla


Current Topic: Rivers/The Americas

Class Book: The Silver Sword/Short



Final half term photos

Photos of Week 5/6


Parents, Think U Know (from the CEOPS team) have produced a set of materials for you to do at home around staying safe online. We use Think U Know resources in school. They are age appropriate and from a trusted source. However, they do take some time to navigate and prepare for in advance. We have included the link to the site below, if you would like to use them with your children. The resources are aimed at 5-7 years and 8-10 years so you would need to select which you think is most appropriate for your child. 

We feel, with a lot of the resources we are sending home being online, it wouldn't harm for the children to revisit these resources and to access the home learning tasks should you wish to do so.

These are the activities that you would normally be doing daily, please continue to do these whilst you are at home: 

  • Reading  

  • Instant Recall facts 

  • TT Rockstars

  • Mangahigh (You now have a login to this- please access the ‘Assigned’ tasks and ‘Games Centre’)  


Your wonderful ideas for keeping busy!

World Book Day 2020

100 Book Reading Challenge

We are currently taking part in the '100 Book Reading Challenge'. As a class, our aim is to collectively read 100 books before leaving Year 6. The display in our classroom shows us which books we must complete. Once we've completed a book, we place a token on it. If we would recommend the book to someone else, we pop a star on it.

Thanks to all parents that are helping with our challenge by visiting the library regularly and even buying books to help support this. 

Holocaust Museum Visit 


As part of our History/RE topic we visited the Holocaust Museum.

During our visit, we followed the journey of a Jewish boy, Leo, and his family during WW2. Leo was eventually evacuated to Britain on the Kinder-transport.

In the afternoon we were lucky enough to hear from a Holocaust survivor. Simon Winston was a young jewish boy living in Poland when the second world war started. He shared with us his inspirational story of survival and how he narrowly escaped being captured several times.

The stone pile at the end represents all the Jewish lives lost in the events of the Holocaust.

Plastic Pollution 

Today we've been learning about plastic pollution.

We created collage sea creatures using old crisp packets and bottle tops, ready for our display, 'Keep Our Sea Plastic Free.' It will soon be ready to view in the hall. 

WW2 Cooking

As part of our history topic on WW2 we have been trying our hand at baking with a wartime recipe that was used during rationing. Our cookies turned out well and even tasted pretty good.

The recipe we used can be found below.

Carrot cookie recipe

Evolution and Inheritance 

In our new science topic, we've been learning about the features we've inherited from our parents, and played a version of'Guess Who?' with our own faces to see how different we are but also what features we have in common. Over the coming weeks, we'll be looking at how plants and animals are adapted to the environments in which they live; the different ways that adaptation may lead to evolution; how fossils provide us with information about living things from the past and about the lives and work of Mary Anning and Charles Darwin. 

Play our 'Monster Evolution' Game 

Science Learning 

In science, we are learning about animals and humans. Today we took photos and measurements of ourselves in order to compare how we look and grow throughout the year. We'll take photos and measurements again in February and July to see how we've changed. 


We've been practising our badminton skills using balloons!


Geography learning


In Geography this half term we have been looking at rivers; how they are formed, the different parts of a river and how we use them. As part of this work, we have built dams to stop the flow. The challenge was to construct a dam that could prevent the water from breeching.

Well done to our winning team (Jack, Tim and Caleb) who's dam managed to hold for the longest.


Hold back the river...dam building!