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Week 5 (Mon 4th - 8th May)

Happy VE Anniversary Day!


Firstly, thanks for joining us again yesterday for our class chat - it was lovely to see and hear from you. Thanks for sharing what you have been up to, both learning and shopping online/dying hair/getting new pets/drawing/finishing reading books/learning new facts. We do miss you all very much and although it isn't quite the same as being in school together, it certainly feels a little bit like it - especially when you're all unmuted!



Today we hope you get a chance to take part in some form of

celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe. There's no set learning for today but if you would like some ideas related to this special day we have put a few activities below.


Have a fab weekend with your families. Stay safe and we will catch up again with you all next week. 

Thursday 7th May


Morning Wollaton, 


Nearly the end of another week! We're really looking forward to our Zoom meeting later. We've organised a little general knowledge quiz for you today so bring a pen and paper along. If you're not keen on doing the quiz on your own, then bring along a brother or sister or you could join up with a partner whilst on Zoom and private chat together. Also, we can have a look at your juggling skills so far, share techniques or you could just laugh at me having a go! Did any of you manage the kick up challenge today? 10 is my best so far! See you at 1:30pm.  




Another fab logic puzzle!

The aim is to connect the same coloured pipes but you must cover all parts of the grid.



This is the last English lesson for the week, with it being VE Day celebrations tomorrow. We're going to read the next chapter and make a few predictions about what we think will happen next. We're hoping you've realised by now that our character is not a normal almost 13 year old so who knows what could happen?


Yesterday, Emily wrote this brilliant story- why not have a read it you're finished? 


Last week we looked at the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World and where they are located. This week we're finding out more about another set of wonders - you may have already done a bit of work towards this last week. The task we've set for you is a bit longer than normal so you may want to work on this over several days - we would have done this over several lessons in school. We're really looking forward to how you present your work this time and which location you choose. I've actually been lucky enough to visit a few of the places in the PowerPoint so am eager to see if you have too.

Wednesday 6th May


Morning Wollaton, we hope you're all well. We've reached another Wednesday which means tomorrow we will hopefully get to see you all again. We hope you are able to make our class chat in the afternoon - your parents will have received another invite from us this morning via Parentmail. Don't forget to practise your juggling skills - we want to see how you're getting on so far. 




I love this logic game! Class challenge- who can get to the highest level by Friday. Try it out and let us know and we’ll put the results on the webpage at the end of the week.


Now complete the White Rose maths lesson:



PE- follow Sam’s lesson on kick ups. Let us know how you got on.





As mentioned yesterday, there's quite a lot of reading to get through today. This means that the tasks are things to think about, make notes on rather than a lengthy piece of writing. The most important thing is to keep up with the story, so you don't miss parts out and then struggle later on.

As always, anything you do you want to share, send it to either or both of us so we can add it to the class pictures for the week.

Thank you to those who have been sending in your news reports from last week. Loving how you're making them feel like real newspapers by adding adverts etc. 



For your final task of the day we've actually given you lots of tasks to choose from. We're renaming the middle of the school week 'Well-being Wednesday!' The task below are things you can pick and choose from that are all about looking after our mental health.  You don't just have to do something from Wednesday - pick a Tuesday task if that's what you really want to do. This is also something we hope you go back to again and again and try a few different things. They're also great to share with family members - in fact most of them are designed to be used as a family. 

Tuesday 5th May

Morning Wollaton. I hope you've been practising the juggling! I'm ready to show you my skills (or not) at our Zoom meeting this week- it would be great if some of you guys were willing to embarrass yourselves alongside me too?! Bring your juggling balls to the sessions if you have them and want to give it a go. 

Hopefully you enjoyed starting our new class story yesterday and also had a go at making a colour wheel. 



Log in to Education City and play some of the games from the 'Wollaton Decimals City.'





Over the next few weeks, you’re going to create a rap about yourself. Today, I’d like you just to listen to the Michael Rosen rap:

 Michael Rosen is a famous author/ poet. Explore his website- there are some funny videos (click on videos!) on there and you may recognize lots of his books. Share some of them with your parents or siblings. 


Hopefully you enjoyed making the colour wheels yesterday and could see the effect of spinning them really quickly. Today, we're going to experiment with mixing colours. Go through the Powerpoint below first and make sure you use the weblinks that are on there. 

I've put different versions of the PP below because some of you were having issues opening one type.

Have a play around on this website. Change the bulb and lens colours to see what colour the person would actually see. It takes a bit of fiddling around with – remember to switch on the torch and lens.


There are lots more interactive light games and explanations on this weblink for you to try.


The fact that yesterday was 'Star Wars' day was a complete coincidence with the theme of our book. I appreciate some of you will not have clue what that means. 

So as we've already mentioned, we hope you're enjoying the start of our new book...quite different from the last one we know.

Today we've got the next part of the text to read and some activities for you to look at related to it. Tomorrow there will be a longer piece of reading to complete so your activities will be kept quite short, so you don't fall behind with the story.

Like Mrs Baker I've included 2 different formats in case you struggle to open the PowerPoint.

Monday 4th May


Morning Wollaton! It's May already! We hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend and are now ready for a bit of work. Remember, 'do what you can, when you can, if you can' and don't get stressed about it. 


Juggling Challenge!


If you attended our Zoom meeting last week, you’ll remember me talking about our juggling challenge- basically, we're going to try and learn to juggle by the end of lockdown. If you have juggling balls- great, if not, why not have some fun making them?! Follow this link to learn how to easily make your own- all you need is rice or sugar, balloons and small plastic bags.  If you don’t have any of these, have a search around your house for something else you could use- make balls by rolling up socks! If you're at school, grab some bean bags from the of PE store.


The trick to learning any new skill is practising little and often so don’t worry when you can’t do it first time! Good luck! Have a look at the video below to learn the technique.



Impress your parents with this 19 times table trick. Watch the clip and see if you can see what is happening.

Try it out on your family!


Visit the White Rose webite and complete this video and activity. Don't forget to mark your work after.







Last week we learnt about refraction. Today let’s look at the spectrum and make our own colour wheels. Work through this Powerpoint (don't foget to click 'enable editing' once you're on it so that it works properly) and watch the video links included on it. Then download the PDF to make your own colour wheel. If you can’t print, don’t worry, follow the instructions on the video link instead.




Today we're going to start a new book - Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce. You may have read his first children's book Millions. He is one of the judges on the BBC Radio 2 500 words competition and was also involved in the creation of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London.

Just like with The Giants Necklace we will read a part of the story everyday and then have tasks related to this. It's a much longer story so sometimes you may need to read quite a lot in one day.

Most of the text and tasks are on the Powerpoint provided but there may be additional documents to help along the way.

Good luck and we hope you enjoy this story. It's a new one for us, so we'll be really interested to know what you think.