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Monday 18th May 2020

Good morning Class Sherwood I hope you have all had a great weekend. Thank you for taking part in the Friday Zoom quiz last week which was a real hit. I will send out invites to the other half (plus those who missed it) later in the week. I am working in school today so may not be able to respond to e-mails as quickly as usual but I will hopefully reply before the end of the day.


Mrs. Baker (Maths Lead) has uploaded a multiplication challenge on our main Class Sherwood page - check it out.


I know that some of you are interested in writing to each other - 'Pen-pals/Pen-friends.' If you would like to write a message to somebody in our class then I am more than happy to receive this message via email and forward it on to the intended recipient. Of course if you already have their details you could do this without me - up to you.

Spellings - Navigate through either of the downloadable files below before having a go at the activities. The focus for today is on two of the three prefixes set on Friday, 'ir' and 'il,'
For your spelling activity today you may need the use of a dictionary - remember that you can access online dictionaries if you do not have a paper copy.

English - Our final week of English before half term will use the BBC material. I will post a new link each day this week to direct you to the BBC site and the lesson I have chosen.  Click on the link below to today's focus lesson all about using apostrophes correctly to join words together.



Maths - Please use link at the top of the previous page.
Science - Science today focuses on classification keys in more detail. There is a downloadable learning document to navigate through and a link to the BBC resources too.
Watch the video using the link below (there are other activities on the link page you may wish to complete). 

There are several different documents to choose from below. Each document contains living organisms found in specific habitats. Your activities are to:


1. Complete one of the classification tables (or more than one - up to you).

2. Turn this classification table into a branching classification key?