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Week 7 (Mon 18th -22nd May

Friday 22nd 

We made it Wollaton! Happy half term! Happy birthday Jacob and Oliver!


A huge thank you from both of us to those of you who have completed the home learning that we've set over the past 7 weeks- we are so proud of you. For those of you who have not done so much, have a think about keeping up with some arithmetic practice, stats spellings or even reading the English story that we set in parts each day.


Some of you will be returning to school after half term and some of you won't- whatever your parents decide, it's the right decision for you and your family. We're having meetings every day about how to make school safe for you and are planning great things for you ALL when we go back whether you're at home or school.


Have a fantastic half term, we'll be in touch soon with all of the arrangements you need to know. 

Stay safe and happy Wollaton- love Mrs Baker and Miss Clark xxx



See how much of the arithmetic you’ve remembered. Have a go at the arithmetic questions below. The answers are at the end. No need to print, just write your answers in your book.



So for your final english lesson this half term you're going to put yourself in the authors shoes. At the end of today's reading you'll be asked to think what you would do to change something from the story.  I wonder what you will do?



For your final task today we've set you some computing in Ed City. Remember to click on the link below and go to the set homework.  There are 3 activities related to online gaming for you to complete.

Thursday 21st


Morning Wollaton and a big happy birthday to Isaac!


Some of you have been asking about transition and visits to your secondary schools. We've been in touch with the staff at CLW and as yet, they've not been able to sort out any transition but will get back to us soon. In the meantime, they've suggested that you have a look at their website at  the 'virtual tour' and section for 'children joining them this year.' I know the other schools will probably do something similar if they haven’t done so already. Here is the CLW weblink and where to look if you want to.



Open the PP below and try out the quiz. Write down your answers on paper then check your answers after each round. If for some reason you can’t open it, don’t worry- go on to Ed City and complete at least 4 games from any of our Homework Cities so far. Remember, there is always extra maths to have a go at in the OLI folder on our webpage near the house logos. 





So how was the Vomit Comet? As bad as it sounds?

Todays you've got some questions to answer related to the text. These are below, along with the PowerPoint/PDF you need. 


Today were going to look at who Great Britain trade with. We're looking at what goods are exported and imported and from where in the world.

Use the Powerpoint/pdf below and the task sheet provided.



In your last task for today we want you to look at a very particular piece of art related to religion. In faiths such as Hinduism and Sikhism there is a piece of artwork worn on the body. Use the powerpoint below to find out more and then have a go at making your own. (You may want to draw around your own hands or feet rather than use the template provided.)

Wednesday 20th


Morning Wollaton, lovely to see so many of you yesterday. Thanks Fliss for sharing your Values work. 



Today, complete the 10 in 10 below by writing your answers in your book. 

Have a go at the fun logic game below:


If you need extra maths to do, click on the 'OLI' star on our Class Home page- it’s near the bottom just underneath ‘Be Proud of your House’.


So several people have said how much they're enjoying our story, which is great to hear.

Our chapter today has the title 'The Vomit Comet" which any science buffs out there knows is the name they use for the aeroplane that astronauts use when trying out life at zero gravity. It's as close as you can get to experiencing weightlessness here on earth. As the name suggests, it makes many people who go up in it feel very queasy. I think we'll leave it at that and let you get on.


Well done to those of you who completed the Values learning yesterday. Don't forget to log your activities. Today, let's have a look at kit design. Read through the PP below then design a t-shirt for the Olympic team- you can print off the PDF t-shirt or just draw one on paper. 

Wellbeing Wednesday Task

So this week is actually Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme is being kind to yourself. Below is a link to a pack with several ideas for you to choose from. You can do as many as you like of these and even come back to them over half term. The pack was created by a team of people called ELSAs, who work in schools (Mrs Davies in our school is an ELSA.)

Tuesday 19th

Morning Wollaton. Well done to those of you who logged an activity on the 'Get Set' website using the log in from yesterday (check it out if you haven't already- it's so easy to log an activity). Also, well done James and Ellen for designing a new Paralympic GB mascot (yesterday's learning challenge). Here they are below - the different coloured rings on James' design represent the rainbow and the difficult times we're currently going through- brilliant idea! I particularly love Ellen's rose- you should both definitely enter the competition. If you didn't complete this challenge, you still can and if you want to enter it into the competition, the PDF document you need to draw it on is still on Monday's section. 




Looking forward to today's Zoom at 1:15pm everyone- I know some of you are anxious about joining. If you do join and don't want to speak, that's absolutely fine and if you don't feel like joining, that's fine too. It would be lovely to just see your faces if you can. 



Same as yesterday guys; complete the questions and check your answers below. If you struggling with a concept, ask a parent, us or google for help.Once complete, please play at least three more of the games on the Education City- Wollaton- Properties of Shape city.






Well done for carrying on with our book so far...we really hope you're still enjoying it. Obviously it feels much longer, as we are only reading one section a day and if we were at school we'd read more of it throughout the day. Please stick with it and as I said yesterday, if you do nothing else, make sure you do the reading. Today's chapter has another great title - I can't work my trousers!




Yesterday we looked at the mascot for Paralympic GB; today we're looking at the Olympic and Paralympic values shared by athletes all over the world. They put these values into action in competitions, training and everyday life. Have a read through the Powerpoint below. Towards the end of the Powerpoint are some scenarios for you to try and respond to. Also, have a go at drawing the Mandarin characters for these value words- all will become clear when you work through the PP. Don't forget to log any physical activity you do too.



The link below contains several 'at home' PE activities for you to have a go at. Choose one or two for today and we'll use another couple for tomorrow.



Happy Monday Wollaton and a huge Happy Birthday to Miss Clark! We hope you had a nice, relaxing weekend and look forward to seeing you at Tuesday's Zoom meeting where I'll be showing you a special short video I've made called 'Baker Lockdown' using a movie program on my laptop. It's so easy to use and will hopefully inspire you to make something similar. 


Fancy being a Record Breaker? Click on this link to read all about how you can become one.



Complete the questions on the two flashback activities pictures below by writing your answers in your book- no need to print. Answers are below for when you’ve finished. Then play at least 3 of the shape games on Education City- click on ‘Homework’ and Wollaton- ‘properties of shape’.





One of the things I like about our story - Cosmic - are the titles of the chapters and today's is no exception. Today we are on Chapter 15 The ice-cream man of the Gobi Desert. This is quite a long chapter, so if you don't get both tasks completed, please make sure you do read the text so you don't loose track of the story.


This year should’ve been the Tokyo Olympic games. Even though the games has been postponed until next year, 'Get Set' would like us to get active and track our physical activity using their website which also contains some amazing resources that we’ll be using over the next few weeks.

Have a look at the website


Click on ‘Families’ then ‘find school’ and enter our school postcode- NG4 3JZ (exactly like this with a space in the middle) and click on our school name. To log an activity that you’ve taken part in, click ‘log activity’ and fill in the form.

So today’s challenge is to look through the Powerpoint below which will give you information about Paralympics GB and previous mascots used in the games. Your second challenge is to design your mascot. If you are super pleased with your design, why not enter it into the national competition- you never know, you could win!! If you don’t want to enter, send us a photo of your design and we’ll display them on our webpage and maybe make a display back in school. Only complete your design on the PDF below if you’re entering it for real otherwise, draw your mascot on any sort of paper. 


Click the link below and scroll down to Power in Me. We sang it at Young Voices a few years ago so you may remember practising it in assembly!