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Home Learning Week 1

Friday 27th March

How amazing was the clapping and cheering at 8pm last night! So proud of our NHS, carers, key workers, volunteers...the list goes on. Don't forget to check out the photos of you all further down this page. You guys have been sending me loads of stuff. 


Looks like you have been busy over the last few days. Anna has done a brilliant art piece of Oti; Freya has been making art using her spellings; Abigail has been making a jumping frogs game; Lizzie has been using bar models in maths; Noah R has been doing extra PE with his dad; Lola has made cinnamon swirls; and Reuben scored 36 (THIRTY-SIX!) on Is This Prime.


Our Friday morning routine is library cards and spelling test first thing, so let me know if you have been doing at least 4 reads. You will also need someone to test you on your 'ture' words.

These are your next activities:

English: Have a go at some of Friday's Reading Morning Activities on the twinkl link

Maths: Start with Manga High or Rockstars. I can see who has been going on them (I am watching you ). Then use the Powerpoint to recap adding fractions and converting them to mixed numbers if you can.

Art: Have a look at the Powerpoint which shows some paintings of the fire at Nottingham Castle. Create your own piece of art to showcase the fire. You could use paints, pastels, collage, etc. Remember to take a photo of your artwork and send it to me when it is complete - then I can start an art gallery on this page.

Thursday 26th March

Abigail and Toby both matched my score of 13 on Is This Prime? Alfie got a great 17, Imogen a superb 21, Oscar absolutely smashed it with 25 (photographic evidence attached) but Anna is the champion with an outstanding 27 (her dad and brother are witnesses ). And Mr Gillett now probably knows more about the Civil War than I do! In other news, Abigail has been sewing and Drew came first on Manga High. Great stuff guys 

Thursday's activities:

English: Make sure you can read, spell and know the meaning of all your 'ture' words, then play these games

Maths: Complete the 10 in 10 then have a go at some of the Fraction Challenge Cards on Thursday's Maths activity on the Twinkl link

Science: Research and complete your Amphibians and Insects sheet. Here is the video we watched to help:

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning Year 5. Is everyone else finding Joe Wicks' workout as hard as I am? I'm exhausted by 9:30!

I've been inundated with updates, photos and funny instructions from you guys, so thanks for cheering me up. Freya has been making fire; Abigail has been making origami birds; Imogen has created a Civil War Scratch project; and Noah T has created a maze game. You can play it here I hope you lot do better than I did - I was rubbish!

Here are today's daily activities:

English: Complete your Word Classes By Colour sheet. Remember, some can be different colours ('recruit' can be a noun and a verb) but check a dictionary if you are not sure.

Maths: Start with Is This Prime? Can you beat my score of 13?

Then complete this Compare & Order fraction activity:

History: Here are a variety of English Civil War activities for you to do. Alternatively, Mr Gillet says he knows "Absolutely Nothing" about the Civil War, so you may want to make a Powerpoint for him to read.

Tuesday 24th March

I hope you are all good and got on well with Monday's activities. Many of you have emailed me updates or sent photos (see below). In school, we all did the Joe Wicks PE lesson together, including the staff! Last time I checked, half of you have been on Manga High - I have assigned additional tasks on this for you all. 

Here are your next tasks:

English: Edit and write up your instructions in neat in your journals - you can do this in pen (by the way, I want to hear your funniest instruction).

Geography: Complete your Mountain Weather sheet.

Maths: Start with some Daily 10s

You will then be comparing fractions with different denominators. Watch this video for comparing fractions

You can get extra guidance here:

Then have a go at the Comparing Fractions challenge just below. If you do not have a printer, you can complete the challenge on your computer or write the answers straight into your journals. 

Monday 23rd March

English: Complete the first draft of your funny instructions in your jotters

Maths: Try a couple of Countdowns then complete your key facts sheet.

Science: Research and labels the different parts of a flower and their function.