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Week 9 Monday 8th June - Friday 12th June



Good morning Class Rufford. Are you ready for another week of learning? 


A big well done to Ryder, for staying in the number 1 spot on Rockstars, and to Reuben M and Taylor for being in the top 3 :-) Almost everyone went on over the last week so give yourselves  a pat on the back. 


Please make sure you are practising your stat spellings. That means putting them into sentences, as well as knowing how to spell each word. 


Today's tasks:


The weblink at the top of this page has loads of great activities for World Ocean Day so do take a look. 


Task 1 – This week we are going to look at some poetry. I was really excited to teach you this poem at school. I don’t want you to miss out so we are going to try to do it from home. The poem is called The Sound Collector. Use the link to listen to Roger McGough read his poem.

Now answer the questions. You can write the answers in your books. Remember to use full sentences.

  1. The Sound Collector is …
  2. The Sound Collector put the sounds 

Use the PDF copy of the poem to find the answers. (The word stanza means verse).

Task 2 – We’ve almost finished with fractions. Just a couple more lessons left. On Friday you learnt how to add fractions. Today you will learn how to subtract them.



Task 3 – It’s MoneySense Monday. Here is today’s link



Optional Task





Good morning Class Rufford. Did you complete any of the activities from the World Ocean Day website yesterday?


Todays Tasks:


Task 1 – Open the Sound Collector prompt for today’s poetry less

I am also going to ask you to do something a bit different for me today. If we were at school, we would perform this poem as a class because it is a performance poem. So I want us to try to do this anyway. I will send a Parent Mail to your parents with a copy of the poem and your name will be next to a line. I want your parents to film you performing your line. Then I will put them all together. This will only work if everyone sends me their line. There are twenty-eight lines in the poem so I am going to ask the twins in the class to do their line together. PLEASE make sure you do your recording and send it to me by tomorrow lunchtime (that’s Wednesday lunchtime). I am in school on Thursday and Friday so want to get the videos all put together on Wednesday afternoon.

Parents – the best way to do this is make sure you have watched Roger McGough reading the poem (link yesterday). Say the few lines that come before your child’s line so that they can hear the rhyme scheme and the rhythm. Then film your child’s line and email it to me. I will share the link with you when it’s all put together but won’t publish it on the internet.


Task 2 – This is it, our final lesson on fractions. I’m not sure if you will be pleased or upset about that J This one is a chance to revisit everything you have learned over the last few weeks. If you have any gaps in your knowledge, you can go back to any of the lessons we have done so far. The bottom link will take you to the screen with all of the lessons on.


For Thursday’s lesson you will need to make a tool to help you. You will need two strips of card (it doesn’t have to be fancy, you can use a food box or something). You will also need a split pin or a drawing pin. Have these things ready for Thursday's lesson. 



Task 3 - Time to get creative so today we’ll do some art. Have a go at this lesson that looks at different textures around your home.



Optional Task - Go to the World Ocean's Day website and choose an activity to do. Some of you might have done some yesterday but I bet you didn't do everything.





Thank you to those of you that have sent your poem videos to me. Can I ask that everyone does this by lunch time today so that I can put them altogether this afternoon. Thank you. 


It’s Well Being Wednesday so head to the subpage to find out what today’s activity is J

I loved seeing your Proud Clouds last week.





Good morning Rufford.


Today's tasks:


Task 1 Leave your mind map of noises (from Tuesday) to one side for now. You will need it again tomorrow. Today we are going to learn about something that sounds really fancy, but is really quite simple. It is called onomatopoeia.

You say it, ON-A-MAT-O-PIA.

Open the Power Point all about onomatopoeia. There is a PDF version, if you can’t open the Power Point. Learn all about onomatopoeia and then complete the matching task in your book.

Task 2 – Today we are starting our new maths block. It is all about shapes and angles. Lots of what you learn in this block will be new so it’s important that you complete each lesson in the right order. I know that not everyone is able to complete all the tasks set every day. Because of this, I’m going to give you the link to the series of lessons and I want you to work through them, like we did with the Iseemaths videos. There are 15 lessons so you will be working through them for a while. It would be great if everyone could try keep up so if you miss a lesson, perhaps you could complete it on a Wednesday, when we won’t be setting any learning tasks. If you get behind, you won’t be ready to move on to the next block with everybody else.  


You will need to scroll down past the lessons on fractions. The new lessons are underneath.

Remember, you need your two bits of card and your split pin today.


Task 3 – Last week we learnt about light. Now we are going to look at how light can be reflected. Open the Power Point (or the PDF, if you can’t open the power Point) and read through it. You might need some help. There is a lot of information. On slide 4, it tells you to watch a short film.


This is the link to the clip,


You don’t have to actually complete the recording sheet but you do need to decide which of the materials would make the best reflective strip for the book bag. I have attached the recording sheet in case you want to print it off and complete it though.


Optional Task: Go to the World Ocean's Day website and choose another activity to do. There are so many on there, I thought it would be nice to have the time to complete some more




Happy Friday Year 3. 


Today's tasks:


Task 1 – So now you know what onomatopoeia is, we are going to apply that to our poem. Get your mind map from Tuesday. If you didn’t do that task, you will need to go back and complete Tuesday’s lesson before you can move on.

Before you revisit your ideas, you need to go through the poem again and identify the examples of onomatopoeia. Not every line includes it. The verbs are all white, so they are the words you need to focus on.

Now look at the sounds that you thought of on Tuesday. What you now need to do is apply onomatopoeia to them.

So, for example, you might have written down – children talking. Can you edit that so that you have included onomatopoeia? – children murmuring.

You might have written down – chairs moving. Edit that to chairs squeaking or chairs creaking. You might not be able to do this to all of your sounds, but have a go and see what you can come up with.

Keep your ideas safe. You will need them on Monday.



Task 2 – I want you to carry on with the new maths block today. As I told you yesterday, you will need to scroll down past the lessons on fractions to get to the lessons on Angles and Shapes. Hopefully, you are on lesson two – identifying angles inside 2D shapes, but if you didn’t complete the first lesson yesterday, that’s what you need to do today.



Task 3 – I thought we could finish the week with some music. You don’t need to worry about completing the worksheet, but you could take a look at it and try to do some of the things on there.


Optional Task