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Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring 

The Peer Mentoring program was started by Kidscape in Wiltshire in response to problems with bullying within peer groups and it was found that the best way of handling problems without any aggression was by using peers to intercept these situations. Kidscape believe that the sooner children experience peer mentoring, the better it works and less problems with bullying will occur.


Our peer mentors have gone through 6 weeks of training with the lead mentors: Mrs Hollingworth, Mrs Somerville and Miss Somerville. Throughout this training, they have undertaken lessons in confidentiality, asking the right questions and seeking help from lead mentors.


Our Peer Mentors will be on duty on both of our playgrounds and will be the children's first port of call for any issues which arise at playtimes (unless, of course, there is a serious injury). Our Peer Mentors recently graduated and now wear a gold lanyard so that they can be easily identified by others on the playground.