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Thursday 7th May


Good morning. Remember there will be no set tasks tomorrow as it is a bank holiday celebrating 75 years since VE Day. Are you doing anything to celebrate VE Day? Do you know what VE Day is? Here are a couple of slides giving some background to World War 2 (which you will learn about in Year 6) and Imogen has made a powerpoint all about VE Day. Pay attention as there are some questions at the end of it:


Toby sent these two puzzles (look at the Dots & Sheep document):


Without taking the pen off the paper, draw 4 straight lines that connect all 9 dots.


A farmer has 9 sheep in a field. The vet visits and gives him the bad news that the sheep have a virus and need to be quarantined (sound familiar?)

He only has enough materials for TWO square pens.

How does he arrange these pens within the field so each sheep has its own space


Amber has been a big help at home looking after her grandma, who is isolating with them; Reuben has also been a great help supporting his sister with her home learning, and making breakfast in bed; Imogen got full marks on the science quiz; Esme baked a cake for her dad's birthday; Matty has been completing all the learning; and Travis yawned:



As a class, you guys are brilliant at checking in with me (compared to some other year groups). If you haven't done so yet this week, can you please drop me a quick email so that I know you are all safe and well. Thanks smiley


English: I'm really impressed with some of the writing I have seen so far. It's great seeing things crossed out, highlighted, colour-coded and changed - it shows the editing and re-drafting that all good writers do.


If you are unsure how to up-level your writing, here is a word mat that shows what an expected piece of writing in Year 5 might include:

Maths: Start with some Daily 10s - if you click on Rounding, there is the option to have a go at rounding some decimals


Then you will be measuring and calculating perimeter. If you are using White Rose, it is lesson 4.


Computing: Today's computing lesson on the BBC is based on programming and debugging:




Wednesday 6th May


First of all, a couple of activities you can try if you like. Abigail sent this puzzle. Each one is a country - can you get them all?

Matty made this Marvel wordsearch, which I am going to have a go at today:
Matty also got 5 out of 5 on the history quiz, as did Abbie and Blake, who has been playing scrabble, exercising and baking with his sister; Alfie smashed the 2 countdown problems, and so did Anna; Freya has also been doing some baking, and has been getting taller. I'm worried that when I next see you, you'll all be taller than me!


English: Continue with your Girl and the Fox writing. I will give you some prompts tomorrow to help you with your editing.


Maths: Start with a couple of Flashback 4s. There are four questions to answer on each one, plus a bonus mark if you can tell the time on the clock:



Then it's Division with Remainders. If you are using White Rose, it is Lesson 3:


Science: I have assigned you all a science task on Education City about life cycles. Some of you could also take the opportunity to complete your computing and maths tasks (note that not all of them are phone/tablet friendly).



Tuesday 5th May


Good morning. The Chase tried to ruin Star Wars Day for me with one of its questions angry:




This cheered me up though. Esme and Elijah made a Star Wars quiz (which I got full marks on!):

Plus Storm did this drawing of Baby Yoda drinking coffee:




Abigail went exploring in Gedling Woods and came across some poisonous fungi! She also baked Harry Potter cupcakes and these pretzel torcs (courtesy of the National Civil War Centre):




It was more like Full Marks Day than Star Wars Day: Travis got full marks on the Key Facts; Riley has already got full marks on this week's spellings (he is now going to make sure he knows what they all mean) and 20/20 on the geography quiz; Reuben also got 100% on both his spellings and maths, and made this model of the Titanic:




English: Yesterday, you were tasked with building up a word bank of powerful vocabulary based on The Girl and the Fox. You may want to watch the video again to refresh your memory.


When you are ready, begin the first draft of your story. You can spend as long as you like on your writing, whether it is 2 days or 2 weeks but, REMEMBER, think quality over quantity - a few well-written, well-edited paragraphs will stand out above 5 pages of unedited writing.


To help you, there are some WAGOLLs here written by other Year 5 children:

And in this PDF,  I have broken down the story for you into chunks. On the last side is my opening two paragraphs – the vocabulary that I used from my word bank are highlighted purple.


Maths: Start with these two countdowns:



So, White Rose maths and BBC Bitesize maths have now kind of combined. They are recapping the same content, which means we have a choice between the 2 (or both).

Today is multiplying 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers. You can use the White Rose video and questions (SUMMER TERM WEEK 3 LESSON 2) or the BBC Bitesize materials:



History: This week's podcast is about a time before the United Kingdom existed, when England and Scotland had separate monarchs. Find out about Scotland's most famous queen, imaginatively called Mary, Queen of Scots. She led an eventful life: she was also queen of France; she was imprisoned for treason; and her son would later unite the crowns of England and Scotland. Another 5 out of 5 in the quiz for me cheeky




Monday 4th May


IT'S STAR WARS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




As much as I would like to spend today binge-watching all the films, I really need to start writing your school reports, so that's what I'll be doing this week (and the week after that, and the week after that...)


It is only a 4 day week this week as Friday is a bank holiday. Usually, today would be the bank holiday, but it has been moved to Friday to celebrate 75 years since VE Day (more on that later in the week).


Here are your spellings. I have always told you that - if in doubt - go for i before the e. These words all have the e before the i:                               


A good way to remember is with the rhyme:

i before e 

except after c

when the sound makes /ee/


English: Watch this video called The Girl and the Fox


Over the next few days, I would like you to create a piece of writing based on this video.

Today, I want you to focus purely on vocabulary – build up a word bank of really powerful words that you can use. You may wish to watch the video more than once, pausing it at different points and writing down some words. You can then use a thesaurus or the internet to see if you can find better synonyms.

Here is my word bank, which you can magpie from if you like:












fulminated (magpied from Michael Morpurgo)

lustrous (magpied from our vocab board)




Maths: We haven't done one of these in a few weeks. Let's see what you can remember (2 marks for the first 7 composite numbers):
It was great to see that the majority of you logged into Education City and activated your accounts. Don't worry if you haven't had the opportunity yet. Well done to Travis who has completed all the computing tasks. I have assigned you some maths tasks as well, so you could try them or Manga High.


Geography: You have done some map work with Mrs Somerville this year. This is a really good website to help improve your map skills, with lots of info, videos and games:

(Whenever you click or hover over something, there is a sound effect – I am telling you this because it made me jump and I spilt my coffee! sad)