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Week 8 (Mon 1st June - Fri 5th June)

Friday 5th June


Morning Wollaton, 

It was so nice to see you all yesterday, either at school or home. Thank you for Zooming with us. Join us at half past 9 today for a writing session. If you are finding that you don't have enough to keep you occupied and you need to challenge yourself, if would be great if you could visit the 'OLI' folder near the bottom of our webpage- this contains lots of arithmetic papers and extra maths learning for you to have a go at. 

Happy Friday 


Morning Wollaton and welcome to the final half term of Primary School. I bet no-one thought that this would be how you were going to be spending this time before heading off to secondary school. Although we are still not all together and some of the usual events and plans we would have made for this half term won't be able to happen, we can still make the most of the time we get over the next few weeks. 


Now, some of you will be rejoining us back in school later this week and some of you will continue to learn from home.  Whichever group you fit into, the work will be the same either way. We will still be doing english and maths tasks and hope to start a few new topics with you too. We have done things a little differently though as we are both back in school for most of the time. So, from now on the work for the whole week will be on one main document - a bit like a weekly timetable. There are lots of links on this, showing you to different sites which we have used already, so there shouldn't be any technical issues. There will also be a few other documents on the class page underneath all of this. These are because some of the learning will need you to be able to look at PowerPoints, sheets and other materials we have prepared. 


We have also indicated on the weekly timetable tasks we think it would be good for those of you at home to zoom in to if you can. That way you can join us in school for the activity - virtually of course. If the symbol  appears in a lesson it means we will have a zoom meeting room open for you to join. Details of this will be sent via Parentmail closer to the time.


As always, it would be lovely to see what you have been up to over the week, so don't forget to keep emailing in your learning etc so we can share this with everyone.


We are so looking forward to seeing you all again, either virtually or in school. 

Miss Clark and Mrs Baker xx

There's been a request for the next part of the story, Cosmic, so people can continue reading this. The next few chapters can be found on the PDF below. We'll add the next part next week so you can finish the story if you would like to.