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English: I love the book Artemis Fowl. It is the focus of this week's reading lesson. I think the film is now showing on Disney+ as well.

UPDATE: BBC have change the book to The Extraordinary Life of Katherine Johnson by Devika Jina.

While this would usually annoy me, the story of Katherine Johnson is pretty amazing and appropriate for the current times (she was one of the Hidden Figures).


Maths: Start with these Flashback 4s:

Move on to WEEK 10 LESSON 4 calculating angles around a point:


DT: I'm glad the BBC are doing lots of Design & Technology lessons as it is a subject we didn't do a lot of before school closed. This lesson gets you thinking like a designer - you have to choose an object, draw it, and label the materials and parts used. You could also label why the object/product is shaped as it is, why it is that colour, etc.