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Home Learning Week 5

                               Happy Thursday

Hope you have enjoyed the sunshine today. 

No home Learning tomorrow as it is V.E. day Bank Holiday.


Log into Phonics play (March 20   Home)

Click on resources , Phase Five , Reading Robot

Click on the link above and join with the super movers video about full stops and capital letters. 

Ask your child to write some sentences to explain what they have been doing this week. Can they use full stops and capital letters correctly? 


Education City  - Subjects - Mathematics - KS1 Year 1 - Activities - Fractions


Chop it up - find a quarter of an object


Shape it up - find a quarter of a shape

Complete the activity sheets for both activities. 




When you go out for your daily walk see if you can spot some common plants

eg. daisy, buttercup, poppy, bluebell, dandelion.

How many can you spot? 

You will probably find some of these plants in your garden or you can find an image on google images.

Choose one common plant and draw it very carefully.

Look at the shape of the leaves, length of the stem, shape and colour of the petals etc...

How many petals does your plant have?   




Don't forget to drop us a quick email this week to let us know that you are all ok. 



Summer Term - Week 2 (w/c 27th April)

Lesson 3 - Find a quarter (2)

Flashback 4

Listen to the lesson and do the activity sheet or record the answers in your book.

Can you find a quarter of an amount of objects?

Take an even amount of objects and share into 4 groups.

(You might like to do this with sweets and eat them for a treat when you have finished!)



Practice putting your Year One common Exception words (In the front of your home learning books) into sentences. If there are any tricky ones that are catching you out rainbow write or practice writing them in different styles E.g. bubble, zig zag, curly. We call this graffiti spelling. 


Click on the link to BBC Bitesize Small Town Superheroes and choose a different type of punctuation. 



Choose a member of the royal family past or present. Help your child to research and create a fact page or a spider diagram. 

Happy Tuesday! 



Summer Term - Week 2 (w/c 27th April)

Lesson 2 - Find a quarter (1)

Flashback 4

Listen to the lesson and do the activity sheet or draw the answers in your book. 

Can you find one quarter of a shape? 

Cut out a shape, fold in half, then half again. Colour each quarter of your shape, then cut your shape up into quarters. 




Write the following words on individual pieces of paper to hide in the garden or around the home. Ask your child to find a word to blend to read and put into a sentence.

  • try
  • dry
  • reply
  • shy
  • cry
  • supply 

Click on the BBC Bitesize link to play Small Town Superheroes. Today click on punctuation and full stops and capital letters. 



Click on the link for the Power point about the Royal Family. 

Ask your child to draw a picture of people in their family. 

Welcome to Week 5 of Home Learning

It was wonderful to see you all on our Zoom meeting on Friday and to hear what you had all been doing. 

You are all Super Stars!


Google y for/igh/Mr Thorne Does Phonics and watch the video together. Practice segmenting to spell the words from the video. Can your child put the words into sentences? Write a sentence for your child using one of the words. Make mistakes for your child to correct. 

Click on the link above BBC Bitesize Small Town Superheroes. Click on sentences. You can chose Easy or Hard for you child. 



Summer Term - Week 2 (w/c 27th April)

You may need to keep scrolling down to the bottom of the page to find the right week.


Lesson 1 - Find a half (2)

Flashback 4

Listen to the lesson and do the activity sheet if you can print it or draw pictures in your book. 

Can you find half of an amount of objects? 

Take an even number of objects and share into 2 equal groups.  

Can you repeat with different amounts? 



Watch Magic Grandad Elizabeth I.  Talk to your child about the facts they learnt about the past. How does it compare with their life today? Ask your child what questions would they ask if they could go back in time and meet Queen Elizabeth I .