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Home Learning Week 6

Friday 14th May 


Happy Friday everybody. Some more updates for you: Amber has baked brownies; Ellie is having a zoom call with her dance class; Freya celebrated 'Daughter Day' with her family; Alfie has completed Mr Graham's French tasks, and also enjoyed the commas learning; Abdussaboor has been exercising with his older sister, and playing cricket every day; Blake has been helping to wash the car, playing football quizzes and going walking in Blidworth Woods; Luca has been playing with his rabbit Misty, and has started reading David Walliams' new book; Reuben has been tracing his family tree as far back as 1700, and has also been making a zip line, packaging for a plant and a delicious-looking beef bourguignon:





English: Today's BBC lesson looks at Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. This is a book I know some of you have read and enjoyed:


Maths: Choices, choices, choices. You could have a go at this Friday Maths Challenge:

You could have some timestables practice on Rockstars.

What about trying some of the new assignments I have set you on Manga High?

9 of you still haven’t done the maths activities on Education City (Remember: I am still watching you cool)

Take your pick!


Art: Luca, you have asked for art and the BBC has heard you. There is a video to watch about a famous English painter called L.S. Lowry. There are also some practical videos looking at painting, collage and print-making. Remember, if you don't have any of the resources, just replace them with something that you do have.


For this week’s Premier League Challenge, you will no doubt all want to draw me. However, I must insist that you draw someone else wink

I think this is a really good challenge as there have been so many people inspiring us all recently.





Thursday 14th May


Good morning. A couple of you have asked me if we can have another class zoom meeting - I will arrange this for next week as I am in school this week.


It was Toby's birthday yesterday - happy birthday dude laugh



Class updates: Alfie has taken his dog to Gedling Woods; Riley has been doing extra Countdowns with his brother; Anna has been having Chinese on Tuesday nights (not learning Chinese like I thought!!!); Maisie wrote a battle speech with her nan; Oscar has been completing all the learning and performed a great speech; Keira has also been doing loads and loads of learning; Matty had a street party; Imogen has been doing lots of Harry Potter based learning; Abigail has been making pizza, and her tadpoles are nearly fully-formed frogs; and Esme is having a zoom chat with her gymnastics teacher.


Finally, can you guess which member of the class this is?




English: Take a look at the commas presentation 2 - there are some examples where people have not included a comma in the right place. Can you work out what they want to say but also what they actually say? There are also some QUIZ questions included at the end.

Then complete the second Sentence Draw sheet from yesterday, where you have to work out the two meanings of the sentence - one with the comma, one without. 


Maths: Start with this 10 in 10.



Design & Technology: Check out this BBC lesson about designing 3D packaging:


The activities do involve printing the sheet off, so you may want to try out some 3D net games instead:


They also have a series of design challenges:



Wednesday 13th May


Abbie sent this if you want to have a crack - I haven't managed to get them all yet.




English: Some great speeches from you guys - as ever, I can't post a lot of the videos as the file sizes are too large sad


Commas are an important piece of punctuation. One of the roles that they play is to avoid confusing the reader. Look at the commas presentation and then complete just the first sheet of the Sentence Draw - you will complete the second sheet tomorrow – as I want you to take your time and do a really good job with your drawings. You don’t have to print the sheet off – you could do the drawings in your journal, sketch book, etc.


Maths: Start with some Daily 10s. If you click Level 5 then Partitioning, you can have a go at partitioning decimal numbers


Then move on to converting mixed numbers and improper fractions. We got really good at this in school so let's see what you can remember:


History: This Nottingham Post article is an interesting read. It is about the history of Nottingham Castle and talks about some of the key events that we have learned about in school:


This week’s podcast is all about one of England’s greatest writers: Charles Dickens. I have lost my 100% record as I got one of the questions wrong. Hint: remember his wife’s name wink



Tuesday 12th May


Good morning guys. You may have noticed I have tidied up the class page a bit, and added some new sub pages: VE day activities, Writing Portfolio and Home Baking. Be sure to check them out.


Sounds like some of you got into the wartime spirit celebrating VE day: Imogen had a tea party and camped out in the garden; Anna also had a tea party with her family; Evelyn's street had a party; Riley's family decorated the house and garden with bunting and had a BBQ; Abigail had a picnic, and has been making candles today; Abbie has been celebrating Ben Watson Day (google him) which is a memorable day for any Wigan Athletic fan!

English: There's a really good lesson I enjoy doing with my class about battle speeches. We  all learn famous battle cries from film and literature and recreate them outside (and freak out the neighbours). You are more than welcome to try it. In the document are 3 famous movie speeches. We would then have a go at writing our own - head over to the BBC site to learn how to write a powerful speech:


Maths: Try these countdowns:



Then it's recapping Equivalent Fractions. Remember that you don't need to print anything off if you don't want to - you could just write the answers in your journals.


Geography: Back to the BBC to learn more about recycling, plastics and sustainability:



Monday 11th May


Good morning. I hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend - we had some lovely weather.


Here are this week's spellings - they all have a 'y' making the /i/ sound. As ever, you need to be able to read them, spell them and define them.




English: Here are a couple of SPAG mats to complete (answers underneath):

Maths: Start with these two Flashback 4s. Remember that you get a bonus mark for telling the time on the clock (should it be called Flashback 5 then?)

Then it's area of rectangles. The worksheets are no longer available on the White Rose site (the videos still are) so I have included them below:


PSHE: We had arranged for NatWest Bank to come in and do some work with Year 5 and 6 all around financial education. Unfortunately, this has been postponed for now.

Instead, read through the Money and Investing document and have a go at playing the Invest for Success game.