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Friday 15th May 2020

Friday 15th May 2020


Good morning Class Sherwood - I really can't quite believe it's Friday again. 


I just wanted to start by taking a minute to reassure you all about the activities on our Class page of the school website. Please use the activities I upload as you feel fit - we all have good days where we seem to be able to achieve lots but we also need to appreciate that some days don't quite go to plan and things are a bit of a struggle for us all. I will always leave the resources uploaded so you may revisit bits that you have missed out should you choose to.


Please remember that you are all totally amazing young people with energy, dedication and kindheartedness - you are all doing a truly fabulous job - stay positive.


For those of you who attended our Zoom meeting this week I hope you enjoyed the Pokemon focus. Some of you have been invited to attend a Zoom quiz today which I'm sure you will enjoy. I will be sending out invitations for the same quiz to the other half of our class next week.


I have updated a few sections of our Class Site for you, in particular:


Well-being section has several resources focusing on ballet (at the bottom of the Well-being page).

Maths link to new resources found at the bottom of our main page.

Art/Crafts/Design link to new resources also found at the bottom of our main page.


I hope that you find the new additions helpful. Please let me know if you would like me to gather other resources for you.


New spellings: Prefixes 'ir', 'quad' and 'il'
















English - I have uploaded a partially completed advert below which is based on the adverts you reviewed yesterday. I would like you to fill in the blank sections making it a fantastically persuasive and complete advert. Think about the features you need to add to make it truly persuasive. Beneath the advert is a link to a completed version - how does your compare? Do you need to edit your advert?
Maths - Please see Math's link at the top of the previous page for your Friday Challenge.
Music - Sign in to the Yumu section of Charanga and select 'Blackbird Step 3.' Today you will be listening and appraising the song 'Hey Jude.'

P.E. - It is such a shame that we are not able to be together to continue our P.E. lessons. However, please remember to check out the 'Well-being' section of our class page for some great activities.


I hope you all have a great weekend.