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These are the activities that you would normally be doing daily, please continue to do these whilst you are at home. 


  • Reading
  • Instant recall facts
  • Mangahigh (You now have a log in to this- Please access the assigned tasks and game centre. Your log in is inside your home learning book)
  • Common Exception words (Reading and spelling)

Every day Jo Wicks will be hosting a PE session from 9:00am to 9:30am


Yay it's Friday! Thank you for your wonderful emails. 


Twinkl- English- Reading-Friday-Phase Five Home learning challenges. 


Listen to Dan Snow reading Cinderella on you tube. Explain that we are thinking about adjectives (Describing words) Listen again and ask your child to list all the adjectives they hear. What are they describing? Can they put the adjectives into sentences? 




 Test yourself on your Instant Recall facts for 8 and then 9. 

Twinkl Year 1 School Closure Interactive Learninh Links. Maths PlanIt Maths Number and Place Value Challenge cards

  No. 15  Can you write the numbers correctly?

  No. 16  Can you write the number in words and the numeral? 

  No. 17  How many blocks are there? Can you make the same amount using objects from around your house? 



  Hope your cress has grown and you are eating it in your sandwiches. Don't forget to complete your Cress Seed Diary. 

  Keep looking out for signs of Spring. Check out some of the photos we have received in Home Learning in the Photo gallery. 

  Thank you those of you who have sent them in.


  Have a good weekend. More learning starts on Monday.


Happy Thursday everyone. Hope you all enjoyed the sunshine again yesterday. Thank you for all your super photos showing us what you have been up to. Great learning guys! 

If you haven't touched base with either of us please drop us a quick email to let us know how you're getting on. 


Draw a table with ea making e on one side nd ea making ee on the other. Give your child words from this week's videos (verbally) Ask your child to segment to spell the words under the correct heading. Can they write a sentence using one of the words. (Full stop? Capital letter? Finger spaces?)


Twinkl- English- Thursday-Reading Comprehension-The Zoo Vet. 



Log on to Twinkl and find Year 1 School closure Interactive Learning Links. Download and scroll down to Maths PlanIt Maths Addition and Subtraction. different ways to make 9 with two numbers. Record your addition facts first, then see how many subtraction facts you can make.  

Then go back to Number and Place value Challenge cards.

No. 12 Can you find the largest number? Can you find the smallest number?

No.13 Can you write these numbers in words?

No. 14 Can you write these numbers in numerals.


Happy Wednesday everyone. Hope you were able to get out in your garden and enjoy the sunshine yesterday. Well done for all your hard work.



   Watch "Super Movers" Maths KS1 Counting with John Farnworth. Practice counting in multiples of 2 and record the             multiples in your book. 

 Log on to Twinkl and find Year 1 School Closure Interactive Learning Links.Download and scroll down to Maths PlanIt maths Number and Place Value Challenge cards. Look at No. 8 Complete the sequences and then write 5 more sequences of your own using numbers within 50. 

No. 9 Can you find one more than each amount? Now can you order your answers from the smallest to the largest number?

No. 10 Can you find one less than each amount? Now can you order your answers from the largest to the smallest? 



  Hope your cress seeds are growing, don't forget to water them. Remember to complete your cress seed diary and draw pictures to show how your seeds are growing or take photos. If you weren't at school last Friday and haven't got cress seeds perhaps you could keep a record of a plant growing in your garden or plant some seeds if you have any or record all the signs of Spring that you can spot.  


Watch ea making ee Mr Thorne Does Phonics. Can your child trace the the words on your back with their finger. Use robot arms to segment and blend the words together. Can your child think of any more? Write some simple sentences using some of Mr Thorne's words for your child to read.  Remind your child that we have learnt that ea can make e and ee sounds. 

Continue working on your 'Snow White In Nottingham' stories. 



Happy Tuesday everyone! Well done to everybody yesterday! What a beautiful day Monday was! 


Watch Geraldine the Giraffe ea making e Mr Thorne Does Phonics on You tube. Write some of the words from the video down on scrap pieces of paper to place/stick around the home. Ask your child to find a word to bring back to you to segment and blend to read. Can your child verbally/ write a sentence using one of the words? 


Watch our shared story 'Snow White in New York' on you tube. (It's the Fractured Fairy Tales Kids Book version)

Discuss the story with your child. What is similar/different to the original?  When we were at school the children drew ideas for a new version of Snow White (Snow White In Nottingham) 

Work with your child to begin to write their new exciting story. (You might want to scribe parts for your child. That's ok!) - This English activity will continue tomorrow. 



Our Food D.T objective is to carefully cut food safely. Please can your child create a healthy snack by cutting bananas, cucumbers etc....


Design and draw a healthy meal.



  Log on to Twinkl and find Year 1 School Closure Interactive Learning Links. Download and scroll down to Maths PlanItMaths Y1 Addition and Subtraction Challenge cards. Click on Challenge cards. Do the first one -  How many different ways can you make 8 with 2 numbers. Record your addition facts first and then see if you can make some subtraction facts. (remember when subtracting the largest number must come first).

Then go back to Number and Place value Challenge cards. Click on Challenge cards and complete No.5 , 6 and 7.


Well done for completing all your Home Learning for today.





    Hello Class Newstead,

    We hope you have had a good weekend and looked after your Mum yesterday for Mother's Day.



  Maths Home Learning

   Practice writing your numbers in numerals and words from 1 - 20. Keep checking your number formation.

   Ask your parent/carer to say 10 numbers between 10 and 30 for you to record as a numeral.

   Then log on to Twinkl and find Year 1 School Closure Interactive Learning Links. Download and scroll down to Maths to       

    PlanIT Maths Y1 Number and Place Value Challenge cards. Click on Challenge cards.

   Complete card 1. a. as written.

                              b. find 1 less than 36 not 10 less. What was Mali's number?

                              c. find 1 more than 52 not 10 more. What was Yang's number? 

  Complete cards 2 and 3.

  Well done for completing your Maths Home Learning for today. 

English Home learning

Hi, this is Mondays English learning.

Search Mr Thorne Does Phonics ea for e. Watch his video which introduces the alternative sound for ea. Can your child practice writing the grapheme ea in their book. Your child can write down some of Mr Thorne's words and underline the ea. Ask your child to put one of his words into a verbal or written sentence.


 Log on to Twinkl and find Year 1 School Closure Interactive Learning Links. Monday- Reading - KS1 Guided Reading Picture Activity. 


Well done everybody! Do what you can and keep well! 

Take care,


Mrs Graham and Mrs Radford





Our current topic is 'Food' We have been learning about different food groups. You can search 'Tesco Farm to Fork' videos to watch how our food gets to our supermarkets. Can your child help you to make a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner? If you would like us to put any photos on our web page then email them to either of us. We look forward to seeing some photos! 






Welcome to Class Newstead

The teachers in Class Newstead are Mrs Radford and Mrs Graham.



School parliament members are;

Alberto Deacon

Millie Kirby

Lily-belle Richards



Our P.T.A. Rep is

Logan King


Don't forget to make sure you have your water bottle in school every day. Please bring your reading book and organiser to school every day and your Target words on Thursday.

You will need your P.E. Kit on Tuesday and Friday and your wellies for Forest school on Monday.



This is a quick overview of our learning for the next few weeks;



Our Topic for the second half of the Spring Term is 



The focus for this Topic is D.T. and Art. The children will be designing their own pancake toppings and a healthy food plate. They will be finding out where food comes from and find out about healthy eating.


If you have any questions, thoughts or resources you would like to share please do come in and see us.

Thank you for your continued support.



In English we are reading traditional stories. We have been reading the story 'Snow White in New York' which is a twist on the traditional story 'Snow White' You can hear this story being read on You tube. The children are beginning to think about their own version of Snow White. Snow White in Nottingham.  

 'Daily readers' is working very well. Please continue to listen to your child read in addition to this. It makes a real difference. If you listen to your child read at home please write a comment in their organiser. If they read four times a week they will get their library card signed and when their card is full they will be entered into a reading raffle. Congratulations to Alberto who won a £10 book token in the reading raffle last half term. Well done to all the children who completed their bronze card and have started their silver card.

Your child will continue to be given target words to learn each week, for a test on Thursdays. Please encourage your child to practise their words. (Little and often is the key!) 


Great App!!!!

'Teach your monster to read' is a fantastic app to download onto your phone or tablet. 




Our Maths learning over the next half term will continue to focus on Number - Place value of numbers 0 - 50.

We will be counting forwards and backwards within 50 from any given number. We will read and write numbers within 50 in numerals and identify one more and one less than a given number. We will identify and represent numbers using objects and pictorial representations using the language of; equal to, more than, less than (fewer), most, least. 

We will then move onto counting in multiples of twos, fives and tens. 

Later in the term we will be comparing lengths and heights and measuring weight, mass and capacity.

Your child will be given their Key Instant Recall facts for Spring 2 - Number bonds for 10. Please can you help your child learn these facts so that they can recall them instantly. They will be tested on number facts for all numbers to 10 on Friday mornings. is a good website for playing games relating to our recall facts. 



This half term we will continue our year long experiment observing seasonal changes on trees. 



 In Science our topic this half term is "Plants."

We will identify and describe the basic structure of a tree and a plant. We will identify the sources a plant needs to grow and plant and grow our own cress seeds. is a useful website identifying the sources a plant needs to grow.


Dates for your diary

Monday 24th February - Start of new half term

Tuesday 25th February - Pancake races 10.30am

Wednesday 26th February - Walk to school Wednesday

Thursday 27th February - Class Newstead visit to Carlton Library - am

Monday 2nd March - Friday 6th March - Book Week

Thursday 5th March - World Book Day - come to school dressed as a book character

Tuesday 10th March - Parent's evening 4.30 - 7pm

Wednesday 11th March - Parent's evening 3.30 - 5.30pm

Friday 13th March - Sport's Relief Day

Wednesday 18th March - Walk to school Wednesday

Friday 20th March - P.T.A. Quiz Evening 7.30pm

Friday 3rd April - Easter Service in All Hallows Church - 9.30am  last day of Spring Term.

Monday 6th April - Friday 17th April - Easter Holiday

Monday 20th April - Start of Summer Term 




(Please also see the diary page on our website.)


Do you have any ideas for this page? Please let us know. Thank you.


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