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Virtual Proud Board

Milo and family have had a great idea about creating a virtual proud board. If there is anything specific that you would like me to post here please email the specific details and I'll upload it for all you wonderful people to see. 

Milo is really proud of entertaining his mum's colleagues at a time when we could all do with a laugh. He has been sneaking in, whilst his mum has been on a conference call, and stuck a hat on her head. Keep everyone laughing Milo. 

Joshua is proud of his code cracking skills (and we are all proud of him too)

Eva is proud of her baking - they look so tasty Eva.

Tyler, family and the rest of us are super proud of his rainbow and hand picture.

Leo and India worked together to produce this amazing model

Scientist Marley is performing electrolysis (he is using direct current/a battery to remove rust from an object submerged in a solution of baking powder and water).

Take a look at this fantastic Roman soldier and chariot model - super proud

Tyler has created this up-cycled planter as a thank you to school

I was really proud to see both past and present All Hallows' pupils joining together to enjoy the Easter service.

Leo really helped his sister's tired legs after a walk in the woods - She aint heavy she's my sister

Jacob has been practising his cooking skills - first he made gnocchi in a tomato and basil sauce and now meatball masala

Tyler you are working so hard and everybody is so proud of you - 'Rock Legend'

Take a look at this fantastic Roman chariot by Finlay - great design and build.

Wow - Scott's been really busy with these activities over Easter - well done.

Shemayah performing an aerial - this took lots of determined practise - great growth mindset Shemayah

Still image for this video

Milo and Marley worked together to produce this Stick Bomb

Still image for this video

Evelyn breaking the land speed record for a bicycle

Still image for this video

Violet has written a birthday card for Captain Tom Moore - such a thoughtful idea Violet

So proud of Tate for his 10 out of 10 on his spellings and his Taekwondo session this morning

Take a look at this! Tyler and his dad had great fun building his robot and writing about it too - super proud.

So proud of Seren for not giving up (growth mind-set) to create these amazing drawings.

Leo has achieved not one but two badges at Cubs - a Cyclist badge (had to show he could repair a puncture) and Readers badge.

Scott is super proud of the photographs he took around Colwick Park - he then put them into a presentation.

Take a look at these Super Smoothies - great way to keep healthy - well done Louie

Seren (and the rest of us) was so proud of her fact filled poster all about Bats - well done.

So proud of this totally independent book review by Eva - well done

Amazing handwriting from Alex - Super Proud of him.

An incredible geography/art project by Seren - so proud.

Take a look at Chef Leo - foraging for wild garlic to use in a risotto, making burgers from scratch along with healthy chips and a rhubarb turnovers for pudding with jam made by his mum and sister. Super - proud and yummy too.

Tate and family are super proud of his art/geography project - well done Tate.

Leo is really proud that he has finished this great book before his target date - his birthday - well done Leo.

Super proud of these two for their amazing All Hallows Church information poster - well done.

Wow - what a picture. Seren and family are all so proud of this incredible drawing - she is also top of the Rock Star leader board too - well done.

So proud of Tate for getting 10 out of 10 in his spellings - practise can help to make things become permanent in our minds.

Wow - Take a look at this amazing piece of writing by Sebastian - super proud of it. I bet your dad had a really great day.