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Wednesday 13th May 2020

Wednesday 13th May 2020


Good morning Class Sherwood. At some point today, I am going to send out an invitation (via Parent Mail) to half of our class (other half next week) to join a Zoom meeting quiz to be held this Friday the 15th May. The quiz has been created and will be conducted by Mrs. Somerville and Mrs. Hollingworth. A huge thank you to both of them for arranging this for you - I'm sure you will all enjoy.

SPaG - Have a go at answering the SPaG questions in the mat below. After answering them click on the link to compare your answers.
English - A bit of fun to start with. Logos are an incredibly important part of advertising and it is amazing how many we can all instantly recognise and also associate with a product or range. I wonder how many of these logos you can name? The first document below shows you a range of partially completed logos followed by the answers in the second document - enjoy.

Now take a look at the four different adverts below. I would like you to record the following (if the advert contains them) for each advert:


1. The name of the product.

2. The slogan.

3. Any exaggeration used.

4. Any rhetorical questions.


In your opinion, which is the most persuasive of the four adverts?
Maths - Please see the weekly Math's link at the top of the previous page.
Art - This week is a continuation of the model building you started creating last week - combining your art and geography skills - I have added some pictures of completed and partially completed ones below.