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Home Learning Week 3

Friday 24th April



Wow! You guys are brutal and really let me have it with your Shakespearean insults. Luckily, I can take it and know you love me really wink


Alfie has made granola bars and cinnamon buns; Anna listened to the history podcast with her dad and brother; Drew beat her mum 2-0 at football; Abdussaboor has been helping prepare food for Ramadan; Ellie has been icing cakes; Abbie made bread, as well as apple and blackberry crumble; Blake got 5 out of 5 on the history quiz, and has been doing some weight training (clearly wants a 6-pack like mine!); Matty also got 5 out of 5 on the history quiz, and created a 'cat poop dragon!'


Esme completed her North America project:


English: Don't forget to test yourself on your spellings today. I know that some of you are still working on your Shakespeare learning but some of you sent your completed pieces to me yesterday - check them out on our Shakespeare page.


Maths: Check out the current Manga High points totals. Well done guys yes


Here are the top 5 in our class:

1. Drew 82

2. Maisie 67

3. Anna 33

4. Matty 32

5. Imogen 31

It's a bit of a 2-horse race at the moment between Drew and Maisie, and some of you have got A LOT of catching up to do. Spend time today on Manga High. I have added some new assignments for some of you. Take your time - it is not testing your pace!

Wellbeing: One of today's BBC lessons for Year 5 is all about teamwork. You can find it here: 


Finally, you may want to try this challenge, set by the Premier League no less: 




Thursday 23rd April

Happy St George's Day! You guys have been really busy. Imogen has been doing some algebra; Drew had a football match against her parents; Anna has had a hair cut thanks to her mum; Matty is smashing it on Rockstars, has learned all the days of the week in French, and thrashed his sister in a scooter race; Abigail has adopted a snow leopard; Noah R has been helping his mum out with the little children, and has dyed his hair; Storm has been doing loads of extra maths and English; and Travis has been really busy biking, treasure-hunting and playing different card games.


To celebrate Earth Day, Amber and Lizzie made posters, which you can see in the photos on the class home page; Ellie switched off her phone and iPad for the day; Alfie also turned off all his technology and went for a walk; and Toby made a bird feeder out of recycled wood:

Over Easter, Anna made this project about ballet:

Today is also Shakespeare’s birthday, and the anniversary of his death. Shakespeare was famous for inventing lots of new words, particularly insults. Some of his plays were performed in front of Queen Elizabeth and King James, and one doth not use foul language in front of royalty!


Here are some of his insults. You have to choose a word from column 1, column 2 and column 3.

For example: You are a puny, toad-spotted maggot-pie!

Come on Year 5, let me have it and give me your best Shakespearean insult!




English: I am so impressed with some of your Shakespeare learning. Continue with your Shakespeare rap/song/poem. Try and think of a title for your piece rather than just MacBeth or Hamlet.


I have added a Shakespeare tab to our class page, where you can see all your learning. I have already added some pieces of work, including a recording of Amber rapping, and a video of Reuben reading his poem. It would be great if you can record yourself reading or performing your piece.


If you have finished, you may want to write a second chapter to your Lady with the Scars piece. I know some of you have already started doing this. You could also practise your spellings ready for tomorrow.


Maths: Start with this 10 in 10



Then recap Factors and Multiples with this BBC lesson. There are some videos to watch and a couple of activities to have a go at.


History: My favourite history podcast is now doing one for kids called Homeschool History. They are short 15 minute podcasts for you to listen to about important moments in history. The first one (The Restoration) is perfect for us as it is about what happened after King Charles I was executed.

Listen carefully as there is a quiz at the end – I got 5 out of 5 cheeky


Finally, if you search St George's Day in Twinkl, there are loads of activities you could try yes



Wednesday 22nd April

Abbie sent me this, which made me laugh:



First of all, Mr Graham has added an Assemblies link to the Class Pages. Make sure you check out his assembly for this week.


I have sent a message to all your parents about a video chat we can all have together on Friday at 10am. It would be great if we could all see each other and share some of the things that we have been doing. I know how much you have all been missing my beautiful face wink. It will be great to see you all again!


Remember to keep sending me photos of what you have been up to. Blake has been helping out around the house, as well as doing his school work and playing on his X-box; Ellie has baked a cake; Abigail has been making flapjack and bird feeders, and she has some tadpoles; Imogen has been learning the days of the week in French and has made a poster for each day to remind her:



English: You guys are really getting into Shakespeare Week. I love teaching it in school and am missing reading the plays with you and helping you write your raps. I think you will all be at different places with your composition: some of you have written all your words, some of you have brainstormed some ideas, and some of you still can't decide which play to do. It doesn't matter where you are with yours - there is no deadline for when it needs to be finished.


Whether you are writing a rap, song or poem, it would be good if you had a backing track. Here are 3 examples of raps written by my class last year:

MacBeth - Murder is the Crime

The Tempest - Melted Into Air

Twelfth Night - Give Me Excess Of It

For the back beat, they used an electric drum machine (MacBeth), a youtube drum beat (Tempest) and GarageBand (Twelfth Night). You could use any of these for a backing track, or you could use another music app (would Tik Tok work for this???); you may play an instrument that you could use; or you could get mum or dad to beatbox! 


There is no set structure to your piece – you may include rhyme, a chorus or just a simple retelling to music. Don’t worry too much about trying to write a Grammy-winning stadium anthem, just try your best to retell all or part of the story. Remember, you can use the summaries and quote Shakespeare as much as you like.

Maths: Here is your new maths target for this half term. It is to be able to recall decimal bonds to 1 and 10. For example, what would you add to 0.8 to make 1? What would you add to 4.5 to make 10?



Have a go at these challenges - click on them to make them bigger. Write your answers in your journals.

Earth Day: Happy Earth Day! Anna created this powerpoint:
Here are a selection of activities that you could do to celebrate. Alternatively, you may want to do your own thing - I'm going to turn all my devices off and go for a walk outside.

PE: MAS Coaching have their own Youtube channel with some football-based workouts. Some of you may recognise the coaches 



Tuesday 21st April

Lizzie and Anna easily solved the 2 countdown puzzles yesterday; Alfie had completed all his learning by midday and has already started writing his rap; Albie used sugar water to rejuvenate a bumblebee; Abigail has started working on a stop motion movie; Reuben has helped clear his garden, done some daily art challenges and been walking in Colwick Woods; and Riley has also been enjoying the outdoors, as well as doing his own science-based activities.


Did you have a favourite Shakespeare in Short? MacBeth proved a popular choice with a lot of you. I have to admit, MacBeth is my favourite Shakespeare play.

If you haven't already, you will need to  decide which Shakespeare play YOU are going to write a song, rap or poem about. To help you, here are overviews of 8 of his most famous plays, along with some quotes from that play. You can magpie anything you want from these overviews or from Shakespeare.





Maths: Start with some Daily 10s

Here are a series of further challenges based on finding fractions of whole numbers. Complete as many as your brain can take: 

Earth Day: Tomorrow is Earth Day. Take a look at the information in the Power Point below so you are ready for Earth Day and the tasks that I set:

Finally, Mr Graham has set you all a weekly languages target - to learn all the days of the week in French. Good luck! yes




Monday 20th April


First of all, here is your weekly spelling list. The pattern is 'sion' (which sounds like 'shun'). Make sure you can read them all, spell them and you know what they all mean.



English: This week is Shakespeare Week and I am going to set you a project based on his plays. William Shakespeare was an English playwright who wrote some of the most famous plays in history.


If you want to know what all the plays were, the good folks at Horrible Histories list them for us in this song:


The project I’m going to set you is to write and compose a rap, song or poem based on his plays. Today, all I want you to do is watch these 6 brilliant Shakespeare in Shorts for inspiration (you'll have to let me know which is your favourite):


Maths: I watched Countdown last week, and the players are so fast! Remember, they only get 30 seconds to solve it. Try and solve these 2. For an added challenge, you could time yourself.



Today, we are recapping finding fractions of whole numbers.

Look at this video

Have a go at the questions in the Powerpoint. Just remember: divide by the denominator (bottom) then multiply by the numerator (top).