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Easter Updates & Photos

Thank you for updating me on what you have been getting up to over Easter. Check out some of your photos. If you want to send me any more photos from your Easter exploits, just email them to me. 


Noah T has been growing chilli plants, and also built a scarecrow. Unfortunately, I can't post the video that Noah sent me, but there was an article in the Gedling Eye about this.

Millie scored 31/32 on the arithmetic quiz and made a brilliant daisy chain.

Freya made scrambled eggs, and a chocolate and banana loaf.

Imogen made scones and butter, and this maze game on Scratch:

Alfie became a master at Cluedo.

Matty camped out in his garden, washed the car and made some cakes.

Abigail made Easter eggs, and attempted a science project to protect some eggs when they are dropped.

Abdussaboor wrote a newspaper report about the Lady with the Scar.

Esme is working on a project about America.

Amber enjoyed the sunshine.

Storm turned 10 and got a huge new bike for her birthday. She also dyed her hair purple!

Keira has been crafting.

Luca wants me set more art lessons.

Albie got a 'lockdown haircut'.

Abbie has been really busy: she completed her art courses; made chocolate chip cookies and a pear crumble (which she says was disgusting!); completed a Harry Potter jigsaw; washed the car; and also composed a song on GarageBand.