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Spelling Pyramids

Well done we have reached the end of Week 4 Home learning.


Log onto Education City

Subject - Mathematics- KS1 - Year1 - Activities

Fractions - Half Your Cake and Eat It - Find half of a shape

Half and Half - Find half of an object

Do the activity sheets if you can print them or practice colouring cutting shapes in half/pieces of fruit/ biscuits etc... to find half of an object. 

Draw round different shapes and divide them in half then colour half of the shape.

Can you divide the shape in different ways? 


Log onto phonics    Click on Resources, Phase 5,Scroll down to cheeky chimps, click a, click North and play the game together.


Finish your 'Queen's Knicker's story. You might want to read it to a grown up in your home, on a video call or even send a video to us! 




Listen to the story from last week of "The Good Samaritan" on bbc bitesize

bbcbitesize - Religious Education - Christianity

In your Home learning book or on a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle of the page. 

On one side write "The Good Samaritan" and on the other side "How people are helping."

Under the Good Samaritan write all the things the Samaritan did to help the injured man eg. put him on his donkey. On the other side under How people are helping write a list of how people are helping others at this difficult time eg. shopping for people



             Welcome to Thursday's Home Learning 



Summer Term - Week 1 

Lesson 4 - Find a half (1)

Flashback 4

Listen to the lesson and do the activity sheet. 

Can you draw round some shapes and colour half your shape? 

(Remember the two parts mus be equal)

Can you draw round some shapes and cut them in half?

(Are the two parts equal?)

Maybe you can have a piece of fruit and cut it in half

( remember to cut safely)

Can you eat one half and then the other half?


Log into phonics (March20   Home)  

Click onto resources , Phase Five, Train your Brain phase five activity


Continue writing the retelling of the 'Queen's Knickers' (Class Newstead-Don't forget to add adjectives to your sentences! Have you remembered full stops and capital letters?) 



Log onto Education City - Subjects - Science - KS1 Year 1 -Plants - Activites

Go to Flora Facts - plant parts.

Work through the activity then look at the activity sheet (non need to print)

Can you draw examples of the five plant parts? 



Happy Wednesday. Thank you for all your photos.

(If anyone needs a new Home Learning book there are some in a box outside the school kitchen if you want to collect one when you go out for your daily exercise)


Click on the link above 'Spelling pyramids' 

Continue writing the retelling of 'The Queen's Knickers. ' If your child finds writing challenging you can scribe some of their ideas. 


Watch the BBC Bitesize clip about Queen Elizabeth I (See above) Talk to your child about the key facts. How does she compare to our Queen today? 

Draw a picture of Queen Elizabeth I



Summer Term - Week 1 

Lesson 3 - Make equal groups (sharing)

Flashback 4 

Listen to the lesson and do the activity sheet, write or draw answers in your book if you can't print the sheet.

Can you share 20 objects from around your house to share between 2?

Can you share 20 objects between 4?

Can you share 20 objects between 5?

Can you share 20 objects between 10?

How many groups have you made? 

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Thank you for keeping in touch. It's been wonderful to see and hear about all the wonderful home learning as well as knowing that you are all safe and well. 


Watch the video on you tube (See link above) with  the sound on first, to recap grapheme /phonemes. Then turn the sound off and ask your child to make the sound (phoneme) to match with the grapheme. 

Recap yesterday's words where a makes the long vowel sound /ai/  Ask your child to read the following sentences and ask your child to draw a picture to match the sentences to show their understanding. 


An angel is sitting on a cloud.      Look at the brown acorn.    I love eating bacon cobs for breakfast.


Recap yesterdays story cartoons. Over the next few days begin to retelll the story in words using the story cartoon.  Remember neat handwriting, full stops, capital letters and sentences that make sense. 



Summer Term - Week 1

Lesson 2 - Make equal groups (grouping)

Flashback 4

Listen to the lesson then do the activity sheet. If you can't print this sheet just write or draw your answers in your Home Learning book.

For Question 4 use objects  from around your house.

Then try using 20 objects

How many equal groups of 2 can you make?

How many equal groups of 4 can you make?

How many equal groups of 5 can you make?

      How many equal groups of 10 can you make?    



Research the union Jack flag. What does it look like? Which countries are part of this flag? Which colours are used? 

Complete the flag colouring activity on the link above. 


 Welcome to Week 4 of our Home Learning.





Go to White Rose Maths Home Learning


Summer Term - Week 1

Lesson 1 - Make doubles

Flashback 4

Listen to the lesson and do the activity sheet

Then go to Education City - Seeing Spots

(Login on front page. Go to Subjects - Mathematics - KS1 Year 1 Activities, click on Seeing spots and log in as Student and your name)  


In school we have learnt that the graphemes ai (train), a-e (cake) and ay (pay) make the /ai/ sound

We are now learning that a on its own can make the /ai/ sound in some words. 

Write these words on pieces of paper : angel, acorn, bacon,Amy,baby and apron. Practice segmenting and blending the words using 'robot arms' or 'chewing gum' (your child can tell you what these are. Say each sound like a robot. Pull out each sound like you are pulling out chewing gum) Can your child make up verbal sentences?

Write the sentence 'Amy has a little apron' Can your child read this sentence? 


Listen to the story 'The Queen's Knickers' again. Help your child to draw a cartoon strip to show the beginning, middle and end of the story. Can your child use their pictures to verbally tell the story in their own words? (There are examples of cartoon strip outlines you can copy or print off on


Well done for creating some wonderful fact files on the Queen last week. Please share the Queen powerpoint with your child. (See link above)Discuss any new facts they may have learnt. 


You might want to click on the link above to create a crown. (See link above)