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Week 2 Monday 30th March - Friday 3rd April

Learning From Home – MONDAY 30th MARCH


Happy Monday Rufford. We are going to start this week with a class challenge. Just before we finished school, I spent some time with you all individually and you showed me how good you were at telling the time. It’s not one of our strengths Rufford! So this week I want you all to spend some “time” on this. It’s quite tricky to start with but it does get easier the more you practise. Let me know how you get on. By the “time” we get back to school, I want you all to be amazing time tellers.


The link for the Twinkl tasks is:


Task 1 – Friday’s task from the Reading Page – Revision Power Point – DAY 4 Then write at least five sentences using words that start with the prefixes mis and dis. Look back in your Organiser for these spelling lists for word ideas.  


Task 2 – Wednesday’s task from the Writing/SPAG page – choose A DIFFERENT TWO challenge cards to compete. (I love the one about the oceans turning to lava).


Task 3 – Use the Power Point below. COMPLETE SLIDES 1-12. There are a lot of slides in this Power Point so I have split them up over Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Could you also earn at least 400 points on TT Rockstars today.


I won’t include an optional task today as it’s Monday so you have new spellings to practise. You could also practise this half term’s stat spellings (perhaps, address, guard, material, recent, guide, forward, fruit). Is everyone’s Gratitude Diary up to date? When your parents email me, ask them to tell me one thing you were thankful for last week and I’ll put a list on here for you all to see. 



Maths Task PP - Mon-Thur

Learning From Home – TUESDAY 31st MARCH


Morning Rufford. I hope you are all feeling good today. Who is still doing the Joe Wicks workout each morning? If you’re bored of him, I’ve added some links from Gedling Schools for some fun physical activities for you to try. Check them out.


Today’s tasks are:


Task 1 – Complete one of the writing activities that we stuck in our books. There is the one where you describe the setting, the Invisible Boy and the unusual pet. Make sure you use the check list. If you have already done all three of these tasks, you can spend some time reading instead or you can play some of the new spelling games I’ve added to the link page (look for the pencil near the bottom of the Rufford homepage). There are also the typing games that I’ve put on (look for the lap top near the pencil).


Task 2 – Use the Power Point below. It’s quite long so I don’t expect you to do every task. Remember I told you that the present perfect tense is one of the strangest things that I have ever taught? Be patient with your parents while they wrap their brains around it.


Task 3 – Use the Power Point below Monday's block (It's the same PowerPoint you used that day). COMPLETE SLIDES 21-32 (but you can miss out slide 28 with the clock on it). Could you also play at least three Daily 10’s today.


Optional Task – Use the link to access free audio books. You could listen to one and then complete the Book Review stuck in your book.

Present Perfect Tense

Learning From Home – WEDNESDAY 1st APRIL


Good morning Rufford. Thanks for the photos you have sent so far this week. They are all in the Gallery. If anyone else has done the hand task for Reverend Mic, I’d love to see it. Remember to send me examples of some of the things you have been thankful for too. I am thankful for email because it means I can still see what you are all getting up to :-) 


Today’s tasks are:


Task 1 – I hope that everyone has been reading while at home. Today I want you to find something to read that isn’t a book. It could be a recipe, a set of instructions for a game, subtitles on the tv … Get creative and send me a photo. Best one will get a mention on the website.


Task 2 – Friday’s task from the Writing / SPAG page – Fix the Sentence. Write the new sentences in your book.


Task 3 – Use the Power Point below. COMPLETE SLIDES 33-48. Also play at least 4 games on MangaHigh.


Optional Task 1 – Get a finished loo roll or kitchen roll tube and see if you can find an object, for every letter of the alphabet, that will fit through the tube. You might have to get creative.


Optional Task 2 – If you haven’t already, use the link to access free audio books. You could listen to one and then complete the Book Review stuck in your book.



Maths PP Mon-Thur

Learning From Home – THURSDAY 2nd APRIL


Hello Rufford. How are you all? Thanks for the pictures from the reading challenge yesterday. I had hoped to get a few more though. I think Belle’s car manual was the most creative but they all made me smile. I’ll add any more that you send me to the Gallery.


Today’s tasks are:


Task 1 – Get a book of your choice. Read a section (depending on how many words are on a page – less words on a page means you’ll have to read a bit more) then go back through it and make a list of verbs (action words – run, shout, cook, wash), adverbs (words that describe verbs – usually ending in ly – quickly, loudly, carefully), nouns (person, place or thing – cat, hammer, January) and adjectives (words that describe nouns – scary, heavy, sunny). If you can’t find any adverbs or adjectives, come up with some of your own that could have been used. I have attached some posters underneath if you need help to remember what each word type is and give you some more examples.


Task 2 – Use the Power Point above Thursday's block. COMPLETE SLIDES 52 -57. You will have finally finished with this Power Point today J


Task 3 – Read the information and watch the video about the Skara Brae. Write down some of the similarities and differences between the house in the video and your house. You could draw a picture to go with your writing.


Optional Task 1 – Thursday’s task on the Writing/SPAG page – The Egg & Spoon Swindler. You will need a printer for this and it will probably take you more than one day to complete.


Optional Task 2  - 

Learning From Home – FRIDAY 3rd APRIL


Happy Friday Rufford. I can’t believe it’s the end of the week already! If we were at school we would be breaking up for the Easter holidays today. This means I won’t be putting daily tasks on for the next two weeks and I won’t be putting photo’s in the Gallery every day. I will put some optional tasks in a folder for some ideas though. You can do as many or as few as you want to. Mr Graham has asked that your parents still send me a quick email once each week during the holidays so that we know that you are all safe and well. If you could remind them to do that, it will make me really happy J


Today’s tasks are:


Task 1 – Write a story that starts with one of these openings:

I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was the biggest Easter egg ever…

I was eagerly reaching for the biggest Easter egg in the basket when it moved! …

I knew shouldn’t have done it but I couldn’t help myself. I held the shiny egg in my hand and …


Task 2 – Play on Mangahigh. I know lots of you haven’t been on because it tells me!!! I have put a few new games on because some people have been playing. Try to play AT LEAST 8 different games today, if you have time. (If you have problems loading the games, you might have to come back to it later though. I've been told the site is having a few problems today.) I have put some links to time games at the bottom of the Rufford page too. You can select some to play. There’s a real range on there so there is definitely something for everyone. There are also links to other maths games so you can go on them and there’s TT Rockstars too. Let’s make it a race for the top three places. I will put new leaders up tonight (as I won’t be doing it on Monday).


Task 3 – Wednesday’s task on the Topic page – Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores. Watch the video and then draw a picture/diagram in your book showing what a herbivore, a carnivore and an omnivore is.


Optional Task 1 – Finish the Egg & Spoon Swindler from yesterday, if you started it.


Optional Task 2 – Bake something. We should have made our Easter Biscuits this week so make something else instead. You could still do this, even if you’ve done the Egg & Spoon Swindler J


Have a lovely Easter break and enjoy your chocolate eggs J