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Week 1- Week beginning Monday 4th January

Good morning Class Wollaton, 


It's Thursday 7th January and we hope that you are all safe, well and happy. Remember to do what you can, when you can, if you can and if you need help or have a question, one of us will be available every afternoon between 1 and 3pm on Teams.

Thank you for joining us on the Zoom meeting yesterday- you really are an incredible bunch! We've had some great photos of learning and we've noticed that some of you have created your own folder on Teams in which to put your work so well done. What a lot of teething problems we had yesterday-including me publishing your log ins to everyone on the feed! Whoops and sorry! I'm sure we'll all get better as we use it more. Join Mrs Baker for a Zoom at 9:30 when we'll talk about the day ahead. We also want to give you a little input on the English writing task for today. 


See you later


Mrs Baker& Miss Clark