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Week 4 Monday 27th April - Friday 1st May

You might notice your learning tasks going on a little bit early again this week. Baby Hally still hasn't joined us but we are hopeful that she will arrive soon and I wouldn't want you to miss out on your learning tasks :-) 




Morning Class Rufford and Happy Monday to you all. I hope that you all had a lovely weekend. The All Hallows staff did a quiz together on Friday night (all in our own houses of course). That was a lot of fun and on Saturday Hannah and I went for a long walk along the river.  But Monday is here again and Monday is a school day. So on to today's learning ...


For spellings this week, I'd like to stick to the stat spelling lists. Practise a different set every day please. They are in your Home Learning books and also in the book you took home when school closed. 


Task 1 - I have had some great feedback about how much you enjoyed The Tempest so I thought we would carry on for a couple more days with it. I want you to write a story about being stuck on a desert island. It can be the same island that Prospero and Miranda lived on with Caliban and Ariel, or it can be an island that you have made up or magpied from somewhere else. Write a story about what happens on the island. I have included a checklist and a some resources to help you out. If you do this properly it should take you two days, so I don't expect you to finish it today. Try to include everything on the check-list (I forgot to put stat spellings on there) and remember to give yourself time to edit and improve it. 




Task 2 - Carry on with the maths videos. Some of you will be on video 6 by now, Shape Puzzles Part 1, but lots of you might not have got that far. That's fine too. Just carry on where you left off last week.



Task 3 - Mr Graham has asked you to go on Charanga but I don't know how many of you have done that. I bet he does  though :-) This music lesson is quite good fun but it's also quite long so don't worry if you don't do it all.



Optional Task - 


The answers to Archie's villain task from Friday are: Cruella De Ville's hair, Judge Doom's nose, Adolf Hitler's nose and Voldemort's mouth. Did you guess them all? 






Good morning Rufford. First, let me start by apologising to Jenson, Archie and Ryder for not getting the new Rockstars certificates up until Monday lunch time. I'm sorry. Well done you three :-) There were 11 people that didn't go on again last week. That's better than the previous week but you should all be going on there every week. So this week's CLASS CHALLENGE is for EVERYONE to earn at least 500 points. 


If you want to send me a video to be included in the class ball challenge, today is your last day. I sent a Parent Mail to your parents so if they don't know what I'm talking about, ask them to check Parent Mail. I would love for everyone to be included in the video.


I will also be arranging a class call on Zoom so that we can all see each other. I just need to wait for Baby Hally to arrive, as I'd hate to arrange it and then not be able to make it. I'll get on this as soon as I can. 


Today's learning tasks are ...


Task 1 - Finish your desert island story from yesterday. Some of you will think you've finished. I know what you're like!!! But remember, no-one does their best writing first time. So even if you think your story is finished, please go back to it, read it through, then edit to improve it. By the time you have finished editing, you should have included everything on the checklist. If you forgot to write in paragraphs, use the // symbol to show where a new paragraph should have started. Also underline any stat spellings that you have used. 



Task 2 - Complete the next video. If you get bored of these videos, please ask your parents to let me know. I have had good feedback so far so we will keep working through them unless I hear that you don't like them. They are great for developing your reasoning and problem solving skills. .



Task 3 - This history task revisits some resources that we have already used in class, but I don't think that's a bad thing because it will remind you what we learned before out Stone Age day. Then it gives you some things to do .



Optional Task - Download this ebook from Twinkl . We read the first chapter at school but you might not remember it so you can start again. 


Have a terrific Tuesday Class Rufford :-) 







Good morning everyone. I hope you're having a good week so far. I think a few of you got a little bit stressed over the story writing. You don't need to worry about the tasks I set for you. I know it's hard doing your learning at home and I know that your parents are doing their best, but they aren't (all) teachers so this is really tricky for them too.  All I want you to do is have a go and not shout at your parents. It's me setting the tasks, not them, and you know I will only give you things that I think you can have a good go at, even if it seems hard. So if you're struggling with something, take a deep breath and give it your best or come back to it later or make the decision with your parents that you're not going to complete that particular task. Some of you have sent me your stories and I have been really impressed. So chins up Rufford :-) 


Let's get on with today's tasks …


Task 1 - We have now finished with The Tempest. As you know, it was written by one of the most famous writers ever, William Shakespeare. Have look through the Power Point (below the optional task) and watch the video about William Shakespeare (it’s about 8minutes long). Then write a non-fiction report about William Shakespeare.

I have included a checklist. Your introduction should explain who Shakespeare was, what he did and why he is famous. Your subheadings could include: childhood, family, plays, the Globe Theatre, words and phrases invented by Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth or other things you think of. If you do this properly, it should take two days. Remember, it should look like a page from a non-fiction book.

I know some of you won't be happy with doing another long piece of writing, but today you could just start by creating the page, deciding on your subheadings and making some notes about what facts could go in each paragraph. Then tomorrow you can turn the facts into sentences. We did this when we wrote our mythical beast reports, so think back to that to help you.  


Task 2 -  You know this by now. Move on to the next video .




To complete today's science tasks, you are going to need to login to Education City. You might need a parent to help you to do this the first time.


To do this, use the link:

Go to login in the top right corner. 

Click it.


Select RUFFORD from the class list.

Scroll to find your name. 

It will ask you to login if your details are correct.

Once you are in, select the HOMEWORK section.

On the day that the task is set the correct activities should appear for you. We'll see if this works today, so cross your fingers. The tasks should stay on, once they are there. 


Last week we started to look at the human skeleton and it’s three jobs: support, protection, movement. Your first task for today is to login to Ed City and play the game, Basement Lab. If you have trouble loading it on a tablet and you don't have access to a laptop, you might have to miss this one out.


Leave Ed City logged in and go to the BBC Bitesize website (using the links below) to do the next activities.


Watch the video, What is a vertebrate?


After you have watched the clip, play the sorting game. Then watch the next video, What is an invertebrate?


Finally, return to Ed City and play Wildlife Park.


Optional Task





Hi Rufford. There was a lot of information needed to complete your tasks yesterday so I'm keeping today short and sweet :-) Hopefully Ed City will work ok today. Sorry about that yesterday. Fingers crossed that today it will be fine. 


Today's tasks are ...


Task 1 - Finish your non-fiction report about William Shakespeare.

Today you might be focusing on changing notes into sentences. For example - born 1564 might become … William Shakespeare was born in Stratford Upon Avon on 23rd April 1564. That's over 400 years ago!



Task 2 - Keep going with the maths videos. I wonder how many of you have done one every day??? .



Task 3 - Login to Ed City and watch the Learning Screens about staying safe online. They will be a good reminder for you. There are two. One is about online gaming, which I know a lot of you are doing at home. The other is about personal information. We have definitely learned about this at school, but I don’t think you can have enough reminders about staying safe. There is then a game about consequences for you to play. Remember, you will find the tasks in the Homework section. 

If you can't remember how to login or find the tasks, go back to the instructions for Wednesday :-)


Optional Task





                LEARNING FROM HOME - FRIDAY 1st MAY

Happy Friday Class Rufford. How many of you downloaded the ebook and have you all been on TT Rockstars this week? Also, have you practised all five sets of stat spellings? If not, could you please do that today?

I have added a Science Games folder to Ed City. You can play those games whenever you want to. Wow, that's a lot and I haven't even given you today's tasks yet! I hope you are full of energy today :-) Have a good one.


Today's tasks:


Task 1 CHOICE 1 Today you can choose to investigate some of the phrases that William Shakespeare invented, or made popular. This website will help you

There is a lot of info on the page and some is quite hard to understand so you might need some help picking out some good phrases. You can choose a few, write them down and explain what they mean OR choose one and make a poster to show it’s meaning with a picture. Remember to write the phrase on the poster too though.


Task 1 CHOICE 2 - If you don't like the sound of CHOICE 1, then today’s second choice involves another of Shakespeare’s plays, Romeo and Juliet. The Tempest is a comedy but Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy. Below are two links to two different versions of the story. You might think the first one is a bit silly to start with but it tells the story in a way that is really easy to understand. However, it doesn’t give you the ending! So you’ll have to watch the second link too. Remember it's a tragedy and we know that they don't have happy endings.


This is the rap version, like the Tempest one I gave you last week. It gives a bit more detail than the puppet version and has a summary of the story underneath the clip.


Now you should roughly know the story so create a poster like the ones you see in the cinema to show what the story is about.



Task 2 - You can complete the next maths video today or do what we did last Friday and play a range of maths games instead. Remember I set you a target a 500 points on Rockstars this week so that would be a good place to start. .



Task 3 - Login to Ed City and have a go at the coding game I've put in the Homework section for today. It's a bit tricky but I managed to complete it and you are much better at this stuff than I am. You just have to play around with it and use the help tool which is a picture of a brown book. I found that really useful.


The login in details are still up in Wednesday's Learning At Home, if you need them. 

I know we have done quite a few things on Ed City this week but we are on a free trial so we might not have it after next week. That's why I'm making the most of it now. 



Optional Task