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Good morning everyone - we hope you are all OK. If you head over to Class Pages > Assemblies there is an assembly for you to watch from Mr Graham. It is worth checking every day for any assembly updates. 


English: Today, you are going to write the second part of your creature description. Remember, this is just your first draft - we will edit and up-level it tomorrow.


Here is mine:




Maths: Start with this Flashback 4. Answers are in the link underneath.




We have learned about perimeter, the distance around the OUTSIDE of a shape. Now we will learn how to find the area, the space INSIDE a shape. Use this White Rose link for the AREA OF RECTANGLES.


Science: I have recorded this lesson and you can watch the video from TEAMS. Click on Files > Class Learning > Science > Air resistance



It is a video file, so hopefully will play OK on whatever device you are using. I have attached a PDF of the slides below if necessary.


For this lesson, you will be making a parachute to see if it can safely land an egg or toy when dropped from a height. You will need some resources in order to carry this out, such as different materials for your parachute, string, sticky tape and an egg/toy for it to carry.