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Home Learning Week 2

Friday 3rd April

Today is the last block of learning activities that you will be set until after the 2 week Easter break. This is so you, your parents and the staff can have a well-earned break, although school is remaining open over Easter for the children of Key Workers. Last night at 8pm was another Clap For Carers, honouring healthcare workers, emergency services, armed services, delivery drivers, shop workers, school staff, waste collectors, and all those who are out there making an unbelievable difference to our lives in these challenging times. But I was also clapping for you and your parents for all your incredible hard work, support, learning and attitude – you are all heroes!


I will put some optional tasks in a folder for some ideas over Easter. You can do as many or as few as you want to and you could also finish off any tasks you haven’t yet had the chance to complete. Mr Graham has asked that your parents still send me a quick email once each week during the holidays so that we know that you are all safe and well.


I have been inundated with emails today (my fingers actually hurt from typing). Here goes...Abdussaboor has baked a cake; Freya drew round her mum for one of the STEM activities (see photo which made me laugh); Abigail really enjoyed the RE; Matty has been scale drawing; Noah T built a den; Oscar is working on a parody of Living On A Prayer; Imogen has started online art lessons; Noah R's caterpillars have metamorphosed into butterflies (see photo); Lizzie celebrated her brother's birthday; Anna went for a walk with her brothers; and Blake, Toby and Abbie completed the football Drawsome.

Abbie’s gran also sent us this quiz if you want to have go:

And Toby's dad sent this one:

Remember that you can take part in the Easter service at 9:30am (straight after Joe Wicks ).

In school, we would then do the spelling test so your parents can do this if they get the chance, or you could test yourselves.


English: Here are 3 short Robin Hood texts. I enjoyed the one called Robyn Hood, which re-imagines the outlaw as a girl. There are some VIPERS questions for each text (with answers included) but you don't have to answer these.

You could then tune in to David Walliams to listen to his story at 11am

Maths: That's more like it guys - not happy that Year 6 are ahead of us on medals though. Let's knock them off their perch for starters:


It’s been a while since we last did one of these arithmetic tests quizzes , so have a go at this one.

Answers are included on the last page:

Thursday 2nd April 

Of all the great April Fools' Day pranks I've heard, my favourite has to be Albie's mum telling him school was open today. He even put on his uniform and left the house! 


Did any of you solve Abigail's riddle? It was 'your fingers'.


Matthew's dad sent me this which some of his students helped to create. It shows what Nottingham Castle will be like when the renovation is complete. Look out for the Robin Hood Gallery and the Parliamentarians v Royalists.


A couple of optional activities for you to do. Firstly, there is this activity if you fancy getting creative:


For those of you who are missing Drawsome, this was sent to me. Can you guess all the football teams? 


English: Make sure you can read, define and spell your half-term spellings. There are some activities here that you could try:

Maths: Spend today on Manga High. I have added some new assignments for you. We are currently rock bottom.


RE: The Stations of the Cross are 14 pictures or carvings representing the events of Good Friday, from Jesus being sentenced to death, up to his body being laid in the tomb. If you have been to Southwell Minster, you may have seen the superb sculptures of the Stations. If you search Stations of the Cross in Twinkl, there are some activities you can do. Alternatively, you may want to create your own piece of art to represent one of the stations.


Wednesday 1st April

This will be my last day being your teacher Year 5. It has been a pleasure teaching you over the past few months but it is time for me leave. I am  emigrating to Peru to work as a monk in a new monastery that has recently been built. 


Only joking - it is April Fools' Day! cheeky


You will have to tell me if you have fooled anyone, or been fooled yourself. This is a very famous April Fool the BBC did in 1957, when apparently lots of people went out trying to buy a spaghetti tree:


Thanks for more updates and photos - keep them coming. Maisie has made pizza; Blake has baked a delicious-looking cake; Oscar had a glamping experience in his lounge; Matty has been going for daily walks with his dad; and Abigail has set you all a riddle to solve:

"When things go wrong, what can you always count on?"


English: Fix the sentences in the Powerpoint - some of them are quite tricky so I will be impressed if you get them all.

Maths: Your current Instant Recall target is to be able to convert between different units of measurement. There are load of games for this on the Topmarks website that you can play as a warm-up

Then have a go at these morning Maths activities. They are a bit like the 10 in 10s we do - the only thing we haven't covered this year is decimals, but have a go at these anyway (you did learn about decimals in Year 4).

Music: Start with a sing-a-long to Living On A Prayer, then watch this BBC Live Lesson (which is obviously not live)

You will be exploring rhythm, melody and dynamics. These are the tasks you will be set:

Tuesday 31st March

Your Nottingham Castle Fire artwork has been coming through thick and fast today. They are superb and I love how you have all tried using different materials and techniques in your work.

Are any of you guys listening to any audio books? I know some of you have been listening to David Walliams' daily stories. Your parents would have received a message from school with lots of other free audio books on (including Amazon Audible). I would love to know what you're reading/listening to.

Also, if you fancy a break from Joe Wicks, you could try Just Dance, BBC Super Movers (including the classic parenthesis song and dance ) or these links provided by Gedling Schools:

English: Edit and write up your Lady with the Scars piece in your journals (in pen if you like). Thank you to those who sent me their first draft. I suggested some improvements so I am looking forward to reading your final drafts - remember to send me a photo/screenshot.


Maths: Start with some Daily 10s

Then watch this video on subtracting fractions with different denominators

It's basically the same as adding fractions - get the denominators the same. Have a go at these activities involving adding and subtracting.

Design & Technology: Look at some of the Starter for STEM activities. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. They have produced these activities for children to do at home to boost your STEM skills. There are interactive links that you can click on for even more resources, but your parents will need to set up a free account to access these extra bits.

Monday 30th March

British Summer Time is here. I hope you all had a good weekend. There was some snow around apparently - were you lucky enough to get some?

I have started an art gallery, and am constantly updating the home learning photos. If you would like to share something, just email it to me.


English: In your jotters, create a first draft of writing based on the picture titled Lady with the Scars.

Who is she? How did she get the scars? Where/when did it happen? Is she on the run? Seeking revenge? Did she deserve it? Remember to include:

  • A range of sentence structures
  • A range of punctuation
  • Powerful vocabulary

Remember that this week's spellings are your half-term statutory ones. Some of them are quite tricky so don't forget to keep practising these. Make sure you can read and spell them, and know what they mean.


Maths: Start with Countdown.  You will then be adding fractions with different denomintors.

Watch this video

Then read the Powerpoint and solve the questions in your journals. I have also included a couple of extra challenges, but these are optional.

E-Safety: Think U Know (from the CEOPS team) have produced a set of materials for you to do at home around staying safe online. We use their resources in school; they are age appropriate and from a trusted source: