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Easter Activities - Optional

     Some more activities that you could try over the Easter Holidays


I hope everyone is having a good Easter holiday and enjoying the lovely weather. I bet you are spending a lot of time in your gardens, I definitely am. But in case you want a break from the sun, here are a few more activity ideas for you to try. 


Archie H has made a work out video, this is the link and you can also find it on the Rufford homepage.


For those of you that enjoyed the STEM activities last week, here are some more,


You need an Apple device for the next one. I know not everyone has one so if you don't, don't worry about it but if you have an Ipad, there are some good ones to try.


I imagine you have all had Easter Eggs so here are some ideas for reusing the packaging.


Some activities that you could try over the Easter Holidays


Hopefully there are enough things here to keep you going. Remember, we would still like you to do all the things we would usually ask you to do over the school holidays. So read, go on TT Rockstars and Mangahigh and keep up with our class challenge of telling the time. 


David Walliams is releasing a free audio story from his The World's Worst Children series, every day for 30 days. To access them, go to  .


Disney+ is offering a free seven-day trial, which includes access to Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars films as well as Walt's classic catalogue of family favourites. Go to for details. 


The Andrew Lloyd Webber Stage Shows and others for viewing for free whats on stage 


The Scouts have put together loads of great ideas called The Great Indoors. Check out the website. 


Teachers Pet have included free Easter Holiday Packs. 



Lockdown is the perfect time to learn to tie your shoes laces. 

To make it a bit easier, the Scouts has come up with a method named the bunny story to help children remember how to do so. 

Each step in the tale, available on the Scouts website, is read out as the demonstrating person completes a step of tying their shoelaces. 


There are some great activity ideas here. This is a screen shot so you will have to type the web addresses in (sorry).